State of the Spectrum — A Storm of Changes


Yesterday we said our goodbyes to Heavensward, and in the morning we’ll be taking our first steps in Stormblood. There are a lot of exciting changes coming to our FFXIV experience, but that’s not all! We are a free company in a constantly changing game, and as such, I feel it’s important that we strive to constantly evolve as well.

Over the past month, I’ve been putting together various improvements to the FC. I’d like to outline those things, along with a few other notices, here.

FC Website & Network Restructure —

The most obvious change is, well, the site you’re reading this on. We now have an FC website! This site will host all of our info, so both our current members and prospective member will be be able to easily refer to it if they have any questions. With the introduction of the website, I’ll be almost entirely phasing out the web of Google Documents I’ve been using until now.

The logic behind this is to condense our “network,” as in the number of sites relevant to us as an FC. This is to make information as easily accessible as possible, as well as to simplify communication. Another part of this effort will be to phase out the Facebook group in favor of Discord. We’ll no longer be posting notices on FB, but we will leave the group intact for now.

Part of the website will be a twice-a-month newsletter that I’ll be writing to keep people updated on the going-ons within the FC. This will be released every 1st and 15th of the month, starting on July 1st, and will be posted here and cross-linked on Discord and in-game.

Ultimately, my goal is to condense everything down to three main spheres: FFXIV itself, the site as an information hub, and Discord as an out-of-game social hub. These three things should satisfy all of our needs as an FC.

Moving forward, there will inevitable be more tweaks to be made. Some to streamline stuff, some to spruce things up. But for now, I feel this will be a more efficient system than what we’ve used in the past, and it will allow us to achieve more as an FC!

FC Rank Expansion —

Expanding the FC ranks to reward long-time members was previously discussed. This past week, it’s been implemented in-game. New ranks have been added for members of six months (Cactuar Green) and of one consecutive year (Royal Blue). For the most part, these ranks are cosmetic; Honey Yellow members still hold most of the permissions they did before, with only a couple being reallocated upwards. The goal was to recognize players who have been with us for a long time. Right now, there aren’t many actual rewards for achieving these ranks, but we will be adding in some more perks in the future!

For info on the improved rank system, please check the Ranks & Perks page.

Discord Improvements —

Our Discord has also seen a few changes to accommodate the higher usage it will be seeing.

First of all, a new rank titled Veteran has been added. This is awarded to Royal Blue FC members who are also active on Discord text and voice chat. This rank shows members as experienced players and Discord users!

We’ve also built upon our text channels a bit, which I’ll take a moment to explain.

The most important change is that of #announcements to #notices. This channel has changed from being only for moderator use to something that all members are encouraged to use. From now on, #notices will be used to alert players of events, contests, new FC info, and any other messages relevant to the FC at large. We encourage all members to use it to reach out. Running a map party later tonight? Post a notice! Trying to get together a group to run primals over the weekend? Post a notice! Taking a break from the game for a little bit and want to make sure people know? Post a notice! We only ask that any ongoing conversations be moved back to #spectrum or to a DM.

The other is the addition of #ffxiv-spoiler-paradise. Our Discord server follows the rules of the FC, and as such, spoilers are not allowed. But we’d like everyone to be able to easily discuss the MSQ and other new content if they’d like to! Therefore, we’ve added this text channel for that purpose. You may speak of spoilers to ANY extent in this channel — so if you’d rather not risk being spoiled for something, err on the side of caution. Those who want to avoid spoilers are encouraged to mute the channel.

To see all of the details on our Discord server, please visit the Discord page.

Monthly Giveaway & Movie Night —

Both of these recurring events have had their respective info pages moved to the website, under the Member Info header of the menu.

For the month of June, the monthly giveaway is being put on hold. We will resume in July! The May monthly giveaway was picked and the winner contacted. Future winners will be reported in the newsletter.

I also aim to make movie nights a regular thing, at least once a month! This effort will begin in July. Please look forward to it!

Future Events —

Moving into Stormblood, we’ll be picking up with FC activities again. Weekly Omega clears, map parties once Uznair unlocks, level 70 EX primal learning parties, new hide and seek games, more contests, out-of-game activities, and so on!


Overall, we have a lot to look forward to — both as FFXIV players and as FC members! I’m excited to see what Stormblood brings us. As always, if you have any feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.