Newsletter — July 4, 2017


Happy July, Spectrumites, and welcome to the first edition of our new FC newsletter! In this twice-monthly update, I’ll be covering any notable past and upcoming FC happenings so that you guys can easily stay in the know!

Stormblood Release —

We’ve just hit two weeks of Stormblood being live, and I think most of us will agree that it has been an awesome two weeks, indeed! Cities have been liberated, primals have been felled, and, most importantly, awesome new glamours have been made. So many glamours! I’d like to congratulate all of those who leveled their butts off, those who got EX primal clears and mounts, and all who accomplished whatever goals they set out for release! It’s been a blast experiencing it with all of you.

Now that we’re two weeks out from launch, we’re about to get a shiny new patch, and that brings me to more news…

Omega Normal Mode —

The new raid is upon us! We’ve generally had a night where we farm the normal-tier raid while it’s relevant, and the release of Omega will be no different. We don’t have a set day yet, but once we’ve gotten some clears done and get to the point of weekly farming, we’ll set one up. As always, if you need help finding a party for a successful run, I encourage you to ask around in FC chat. I’ll be tagging along to help with clears and queues whenever possible!

Monthly Giveaway —

A new month means a new giveaway! We’re back in action, and this time we’re giving away one of the new SB glamour pieces: the taoist’s shirt. For a chance to win, message me, Lunar Heaven, with your number pick. If you need to check the selected numbers or brush up on how the giveaway works, mosey on over to the Monthly Giveaway page for more info. Best of luck to everyone!

Susano EX & Lakshmi EX Learning Parties —

It’s about that time: If you’ve gotten to 70 and geared up, but you aren’t sure how to tackle the newest primal battles, we’ll be hosting some learning parties to get those interested up to speed. If you are planning to tag along, I encourage you to make sure your gear and ilvl is in order and check out guides to learn the very basics of the fights (I recommend these for Susano and Lakshmi), as it usually makes the learning process smoother. I’ll be announcing dates and times over discord and FC chat, so keep an eye out!

Hide-and-Seek (Stormblood Edition) —

To celebrate the expansion, I’ll be doing a hide-and-seek event on the evening of Friday, July 14th. This time, it will take place in the new zones, so make sure you have those aether currents unlocked beforehand! More details, such as the starting time and prizes, will be posted in coming days. Don’t have access to Stormblood content yet? Never fear, we love to do ARR and HW hide-and-seek events too, and one of those will be our next HaS.


And that’s all for this time! Have a good week everyone~