Stormblood Hide-and-Seek — July 14, 2017


Are you ready for some hide-and-seek? One of Spectrum’s most popular events is taking on a 4.0 flavor this Friday! Read on for all of the details.

Time and Place —

All members of Spectrum are welcome to join us this Friday (that’s July 14!) at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern. The event will take place throughout several zones, so instructions on where to go will be given via FC chat beforehand and as it progresses!

How It Works —

Your colorful chameleon (that’s me, Lunar Heaven!) will conceal herself in various places throughout the new Stormblood maps. Your goal is to find her as quickly as possible each time!

The following maps will be used: the Fringes, the Peaks, Yanxia, and the Azim Steppe. Having flying unlocked is highly encouraged! Hiding places will not be in the diving portions of maps, or in glitched or out-of-bounds areas.

All players will be given a designated spot to meet outside of the zone while the host sets up in her hiding spot. Once everything is ready, participants will enter the zone from the same portal. From that time, you have 15 minutes to scout the map. Once you find Lunar, you must initiate a trade for it to be considered a find! If you’re not close enough to trade, it doesn’t count.

A few basic rules apply:

  • Do not share locations with other participants, publicly or privately! You cannot be in a party during the event, and please do not use Eternal Bond rings. When you find Lunar, do not call it out in chat or over Discord as it may hint to the location.
  • Once you find Lunar, please do not loiter around, as it may make the hiding place easier to see. Also, please don’t use emotes at the hiding spot. Once you’re done searching a map, teleport to the designated location to await the next round.
  • Basically, please don’t do anything to cheese the game or cheapen the challenge for yourself or anyone else! This is all in the spirit of having fun. ♥

Prizes —

And of course, there are prizes! Your cumulative search time will determine your ranking. The lower your overall time, the higher your rank! Therefore, if you don’t do well on one round, continue trying to see if you can make it up in another.

This time around we’ll have a pool of minions as prizes, and participants will be allowed to pick one of their choice, with priority determined by ranking. We’ll also be giving away some gil to the top three!


First Prize: 1,500,000 gil
Second Prize: 1,000,000 gil
Third Prize: 500,000 gil


Minion Prize Pool:

Wind-up Lakshmi (x2)
Wind-up Susano (x2)
Plush Cushion
Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII
Hunting Hawk
Dwarf Rabbit
Shaggy Shoat
Ghido (x2)
Road Sparrow (x2)
Dress-up Yugiri
Tiny Tatsunoko
Wind-up Khloe