Newsletter — July 15, 2017


Somehow July is already halfway gone and 4.05 is right around the corner! And with that, another newsletter!

Congrats to Saki and Devorsa —

Our very own Saki Aldebaran and Devorsa An’li tied the virtual knot on the 5th! It was a fun affair for all of us who attended to support (read: heckle) the two.


Thank you for sharing the occasion with all of us here in the FC, we had a blast and wish you guys the best. Congratulations, Saki and Devorsa!

Hide-and-Seek Results  —

Last night we had our Stormblood Hide-and-Seek event. Frustration was abound, many sightseeing logs were incidentally discovered, and I was found… occasionally~ This was our first flying HAS game, so the experience will be used to tune future rounds in flying-enabled zones. BUT! Mostly importantly, people won stuff! So without further ado, here are the final rankings by total time spent searching across all rounds:

1. Ghost Tea – 50 minutes, 21 seconds
2. Broods Miyuki – 54 minutes, 8 seconds
3. Cillien Temperlain – 55 minutes, 34 seconds
4. Space Panda – 58 minutes, 18 seconds
5. Moon Bunny – 63 minutes, 22 seconds
6. Lucy Greene – 69 minutes, 9 seconds
7. Eyriwyda Fyrilstyrwyn – 69 minutes, 39 seconds
8. Artoria Araneae – 72 minutes

I’ll be in touch with all of you about your prizes! Thank you all for participating and making this a fun event. ♥

Movie Night  —

Get your popcorn ready, movie night is making a grand return! We’ll be watching Moana and Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie on Friday, July 21st! We’ll be starting around 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern. As usual, the movie will be hosted through and all watching will be welcome in Discord as well. A link will be shared through Discord and in-game when we’re close to starting the movie that night.

EX Primal Farms  —

We’ve had luck teaching Susano and Lakshmi earlier in the month (congrats to those got their clears!), and while I plan on continuing to help those who still need a first-time kill, we’re going to kick off some farming. Need weapons and accessories for your alt job(s)? Then let’s do it! Watch #notices and the FC board for announcements on when these will take place.

Thavnairian Onions & Company Chest Etiquette —

We’ve made a small change to how thavnairian onions (the items used to raise the rank cap on your chocobo beyond rank 10) are supplied to the FC. Previously, these items were kept in the second tab of the chest. We will now be keeping them in the officer tab, so please ask an officer if you need one and we’ll pass it on to you! The info on the site will be updated to reflect this.

I’d also like to remind everyone to only take what you need for personal use when it comes to the FC chest. Items such as chocobo snacks and food, glamour prisms, and onions are provided to our members as a convenience. Taking any of these to resell is a punishable offense.

Monthly Giveaway Reminder —

Don’t forget that we’re still accepting entries for the July monthly giveaway, right up until the 31st. This month’s prize is a Taoist’s Shirt. What’s that, you ask? What does this item look like? Well, I recruited the dashing, dreamy, dapper, dazzling Dr Dead to model the shirt for us.


Enter today for a chance to win!! Check out the monthly giveaway page under the member info header and message me your number.

Static Recruitment —

Our very own Skref Skogarfjall is currently looking for players to round out his static roster. As of this posting, they’re looking for four members. They already have a dragoon, bard, samurai, and a flex member. Their raid days are Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30PM to 11:30PM Eastern time. If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact Skref in-game or at Skref#5718 on Discord!

Omega Savage —

This Tuesday marks the release of Omega Savage! I wish the best of luck to everyone planning to tackle it and encourage everyone to share strategies and thoughts on the fights. I will also be streaming my static’s progression on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights. Tune in via twitch if you’re interested in watching!