Kugane Tower Race — August 6, 2017


Get those jump buttons ready! We’re heading to the top of Kugane’s tallest tower in an epic race this Sunday! Read on for details.

Time and Place —

All members of Spectrum are welcome to join us on Sunday, August 6th, at 7PM Pacific / 10PM Eastern. As stated, the race will take place in Kugane, and it will last for one hour.

How It Works —

It’s simple! Everyone participating will start from the beginning of the Shiokaze Hostelry jump puzzle. The first one to make it to the top and initiate a trade with me (Lunar Heaven) will win the grand prize. Remember, it only counts if you trade me!

Everyone else who reaches me at the top after the grand prize winner, will receive a prize for participating. So if you come late, don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

The only rule I’m laying down is no use of teleportation skills or eternal bonding rings. Don’t spoil the fun, please!

I’ll also be taking a screenshot at the end with anyone who’s still up at the top with me, so feel free to stick around if you’ve got time!

Prizes —

The first person to reach the top will receive 3,000,000 gil!

Everyone who arrives after will receive a choice from the following items: Susano minion, Lakshmi minion, Susano barding, Lakshmi barding.