Newsletter — September 15, 2017


Goblet Farewell Photos —

We had a great turnout for the photoshoot tonight! I’ve attached my screenshots for everyone to see. More can be found on Discord!

Thanks again to our lovely Noe Starlis for suggesting taking pictures with the house before we move. ♥

Monthly Giveaway Reminder —

This is your usual reminder that we’re accepting numbers for this month’s giveaway right now! Please be sure to include whether your character is male or female, as we’re giving away both a Bohemian Coat and a Guardian Corps Shirt, modeled below by myself and the famous Flemely L’mel!


Member of the Month Voting —

Thanks for all of your nominations! We’re starting another round of voting, this time to decide our October member of the month. Please fill out of the following form with your input! The poll will run through the 25th.

MotM, October 2017 Voting

Also, our first MotM feature has been posted, so be sure to check it out here!

Sightseeing Log Tour —

Thank you to everyone who tagged along for our last tour! We had a blast and took a lot of great screenshots (which I’ll be compiling and posting once we’re done with all areas!), but we’re not done just yet. Space Panda is hosting a night to tour the second half of the Heavensward sightseeing log on Friday, September 22nd. This time, we’ll be hitting up the Churning Mists, the Dravanian Hinterlands, and Azys Lla. The time is still TBD, but last time we started around 9pm Eastern, so it will likely be around that time. Keep an eye on #notices for the final decision!

Map Night —

That darn Arenval Zygra is back at it again, bringing us another treasure hunt! He’ll be hosting his map party on Saturday, September 23rd, starting at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern. As before, anyone is welcome to join, including those who have never done maps before and those who don’t have a map of their own. We’ll be providing a gazelleskin map to those who don’t have one, so that everyone has a chance to roll Need on some loot. May the Lost Canals of Uznair provide you all with many treasures!

Movie Night —

Since I got a lot of good suggestions the last time I asked, we’re scheduling two movies for the remainder of the month! On Sunday, September 17th, we’ll be watching Casa de mi Padre at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Then, on Monday, September 25th, we’ll be watching Wonder Woman at the same time!

Discord Changes —

We’ve made a few adjustments to our Discord server!

First of all, since Stormblood has been out for a few months now, we’ve removed the spoiler text channel. Of course, major spoilers and spoilers for newer MSQ are still not allowed in the remaining chat channels, so please keep that in mind going into patch 4.1 and on.

Second, the Overwatch voice channel has been removed since it wasn’t seeing much use lately. Despite that, be courteous to others when playing OW, as well as any other activity (FFXIV pvp, dungeons, etc.) that might overtake the voice channel. Please move to a booth if you find that your play is interrupting the conversations of those not involved.

Third, we have a new music bot! @Rythm will respond to the ?join command when it’s typed into #music while in the Music voice channel. Type ?help in #music to receive a full list of commands. This bot should be online at all times, so feel free to use it to relax and share music with others! Just don’t play anything wildly inappropriate. If you want to join in the conversation but don’t want to hear the music, I encourage you to mute the bot.

Overwatch Tournament —

Just a reminder that the OW tournament is still accepting sign-ups! The details are going to be compiled and posted soon, but the gist of it is a 3v3 deathmatch competition. The first place team will definitely be receiving loot boxes, and prizes for second and third place are being discussed at the moment. This is 100% for fun! It’s a tournament, but we’re all looking to have a good time rather than focus entirely on winning. As for the amount of time committed, it shouldn’t be too much — we’ll be communicating with teams through Discord to schedule matches, and the matches themselves shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes including setup.

If you’re interested in participating, fill out the form below!

Overwatch Tournament Sign-Ups