Newsletter — October 1, 2017


Happy October, the spookiest time of the year. We have a lot of cool things happening this month!

Member of the Month —

To usher in October, I’d like to start by announcing our new member of the month. This month, we’re recognizing Foster Arcturus! We’d all like to thank for your everything you contribute to the free company and its community. Keep on being awesome!

As per usual, Foster will be getting a custom rank for the month of October, and I’ll be posting an interview with him to the site sometime during the coming weekdays.

We’re also accepting nominations for November! Same as last time, you can nominate as many people as you want within the given parameters. So throw it in the names of anyone you feel makes Spectrum home to you, be it by helping or just by being a friendly face!

MotM Nominations — November 2017

Monthly Giveaway —

Another month, another monthly giveaway~ Our RNG gods have spoken, and the random number this month is…


… 433!

The closest male character was Hououin Okabe (#444) and the closest female character was Luxadin Carwyn (#350). Congrats, guys!! I’ve sent the item codes to you on Discord.

We’re getting in the spirit of Halloween for this month’s giveaway. The winner for October will receive their choice of either a Howling Spirit or Wailing Spirit ghost costume! (Otherwise known as the best costume in the game!) Send your numbers to me, Lunar Heaven, for a chance to win!

Congrats on Eternal Bonding —

In what was probably one of the most memorable FC experiences in recent history, Lyra and Lyron Wyvern were eternally bonded last week. Tears were shed, new friends were made, male miqo’te were harem’d. Truly an occasion that will go down in history. Congrats to Lyra and Lyron on their bonding!

Movie Night —

As I mentioned before, we’re applying a theme to this month’s movie nights! For October, we’ll be watching horror and Halloween-themed movies. I’ve been fishing for some suggestions over the past week and have received a bunch of good ones.

So we’ll be starting out on Monday, October 2nd by watching Don’t Breathe at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific. On Monday the 9th, we’ll be watching A Tale of Two Sisters, this time at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. On Thursday the 12th, our feature is Death Bed: The Bed that Eats at 10pm Eastern.

These are the ones set ahead of time, but I may sprinkle in a few more when I have a free night, news of any of which will be broadcasted in #notices.

Weeb Night —

What is weeb night, you ask? It’s a new event started by our dear Moon Bunny, where we enjoy anime together! She’s been taking suggestions and polling on what you guys want to watch, so keep an eye out for the next time those go up.

Our next viewing will be on Thursday the 5th, and we’ll be watching the rest (if time allows) of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Start time is TBA, so keep an eye on #notices.

Sightseeing Tour —

Now that we’ve toured the whole of the Heavensward maps (although the Eorzean weather defintiely wasn’t kind to us for the latter half), it’s time to move on to Stormblood! On Friday the 6th, we’ll be strolling through the Gyr Abanian maps starting at 9pm Eastern. Remember to make/wear a nice glamour if you care about screenshots. And if you need help unlocking flying in the areas beforehand, give an officer a shout. Hope to see you there!

Susano EX Farm —

Time for another primal farm! We’ll be doing Susano EX on Saturday, October 14. As always, this is a farm, so please be comfortable with the fight if you plan on attending. (If you need to clear or practice it beforehand, rope me into a group, I’m happy to help!) We’ll be starting around 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific, maybe a little bit earlier or later depending on when people are around. Give me a heads up if you’re definitely plan on participating so I can save a spot for you!

Map Night —

Our next FC map night will be on Saturday the 21st. The time is still TBD, but Arenval will let everyone know though #notices once he figures it out, and I’ll be posting a reminder in the next newsletter. Keep in mind that this will be in 4.1, after they’ve released the updates to Uznair! There will be new item drops and that double-or-nothing (?) mode that’s coming out, so let’s explore those together. If you’ve never done maps before, you’re still welcome to tag along and experience it for the first time! Those who can’t gather or afford their own map will be given one, as always.

Halloween Party —

This is a ways off, but we’ve decided that we’ll be hosting our Halloween party on the evening of Saturday the 28th. Mark your calendars and keep it clear! The event will take place at the FC house, and we’ll have some giveaways, a costume contest, and more. Further details will be released once we’re closer to the big night.

Reminders —

Patch 4.1 will be dropping on the 10th, so I’d like to remind everyone to avoid MSQ spoilers in FC chat and in Discord. If you want to discuss the storyline, please take it to a private chat~

There’s going to be a lot of new content dropping, as with every major patch, and I hope we’ll all get to experience it together! If you join an FC group for a blind run of any of the new stuff, please be patient and courteous as people figure out the fights.

Those going for housing on Tuesday morning, remember to have your gil squared away, set yourself to /busy status, and practice the route to your desired house! The officers will also be out there fighting to move the FC to a Shirogane mansion, so we’re wishing you all the best of luck in your own housing endeavors.

And one more reminder: If your chocobo frequents the stable, be sure to check it ever now and again to make sure it isn’t EXP capped. We have a handful in there that are. If it is, and you need an onion to be able to level it further, just ask an officer and we can trade or mail one to you!