Newsletter — October 15, 2017


Monthly Giveaway —

Here’s your regular reminder that this month’s giveaway is still ongoing! Send your chosen number to me (that’s 1-800-Lunar!) for a chance to win a fabulous ghost costume. You even get to choose between evil ghost and sad ghost. Wow!


I’d also like to announce that this will be the last monthly giveaway. But don’t worry, because we’re nixing it in favor of another regular contest that’s a bit more creative and fun, but still low pressure. I’ll share the details at the beginning of November. In the meantime, let’s all have a moment of silence of the Monthly Giveaway. RIP 2016-2017.

Member of the Month —

It’s time to move to the voting process for November’s MotM. Thanks for all of your nominations! Here’s the poll, which will end on the 25th.

MotM Voting — November 2017

Hello, Mansion —

On October 10th, we said goodbye to our old house in the Goblet, and then hello to our new mansion in… the Goblet. Woohoo! (Shirogane may have been too savage this time, but we’re not giving up!)

A new house means new decorations, right? The decor will be reset for the Halloween party at the end of the month, but until then, I encourage everyone to get their creative juices flowing and play with the layout of the house!

And since we took farewell photos with our old house, it’s only right that we take some pictures with our new mansion. I’ll be holding another brief photoshoot at the house on Sunday, October 22nd. We’ll be starting about 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific, though it may end up being a bit later depending on if it’s nighttime in-game. Prepare a nice glamour and come snap some screenshots to celebrate!

Weeb Night —

Weeb Night returns on Friday, October 20th! Since movies got a good reception last time, we’ll be doing another. This time, we’ll be watching The Boy and the Beast, an action-adventure film. If you have any suggestions on other movies or short series for us to watch, forward them to Moon Bunny anytime!

Movie Night —

Continuing on our Halloween movie spree, we’ve got a few more movie nights scheduled for the next couple of weeks. We’ve got 30 Days of Night on Thursday the 19th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Then we’ll be doing a double feature on Sunday the 22nd, where we’ll be watching The Crow and We Are Still Here at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific. It’ll be an experiment with an earlier time to see how many people can make it! On Monday the 23rd, we’ll do the original Halloween at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific, and then on Thursday the 26th at the same time, it’ll be Sinister.

Those are most of the movies that were suggested. I’d really like to fit in the last few as well, so if I do have a free night, I’ll try to do some on shorter notice! If not, we’ll get to them in future movie nights.

Map Night —

Friendly reminder that we’ve having a map night on Saturday, October 21st! Our resident map-man Arenval Zygra is running another party, and as usual, all are invited to come, first timers and canal veterans, whether they have a map or not. Those without a map will be provided one so that all can have a shot at some of the spoils. We might even see the new Hidden Canals and get some of that super awesome loot!

Sightseeing Tour —

Our next sightseeing tour will be held in early November. With the new sightseeing log entries added in 4.1, we’ve still got a couple more tours in store for us. The exact date of the next one will be announced in our next newsletter and over Discord, so stay tuned!

Halloween Party —

Our Halloween/All Saints Wake party will be happening on Saturday, October 28th at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific, and will run until whenever we’re done partying! There will be a few different activities, including a costume contest, a haunted maze, photo booths, a raffle, and more! In-depth details will be posted very soon.

Shinryu EX Learning —

A new EX primal means shiny new weapons and a new dog mount! That means that we need to get farm ready. I’ll be running a couple of learning parties to get people comfortable with Shinryu EX. The first one will be on Saturday the 21st at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific. For those who can’t make the afternoon time, I’ll be doing another one the following week, on Friday the 27th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific.

Upcoming Eternal Bonding —

Kumo Kumah and Artemis Lygota would like to announce their impending wedding, which they hope to be able to schedule for Tuesday, October 31st. (It may end up being a date around those if they can’t get that night!) Obviously the theme will be Halloween, so they’re requesting that everyone come in costume. Invitations will be available in the company chest once they’ve scheduled it, as per usual. Let’s make this another memorable FC occasion!

New Social LS —

To facilitate socialization beyond the FC, we’ve created an officially sanctioned linkshell. This is a social linkshell with no particular focus other than to keep in touch easily with friends outside of the FC (and hopefully ones from other servers once they expand cross-server capabilities!) and introduce them to others. The LS will be subject to the same rules as any FC chat, so basically don’t post anything wildly offensive and don’t be a jerk.

The name of the LS is the Spectrum Network. If you’d like an invite, please ask an officer or any member Honey Yellow or higher, as they will be given invite privileges. Feel free to invite friends from both inside and outside of the FC so that we may all expand our social circles!

To clarify and avoid confusion, the current One-Sided Conversations linkshell is not a regular social LS but one for responding to Discord. Its purpose is to avoid clogging up FC chat with text responses to Discord chat. Please direct all regular chat to FC, other linkshells, or /tells! If you are a regular in the Discord voice chat and thus need an invite to this LS as well, please ask an officer.

Hiatus Rank —

To allow for better organization, we’ve added a new rank for people who have let us know that they’re taking a break from the game: Snow White.

Players of this rank will be kept in the FC indefinitely provided that they stay in contact about their intent to come back. They will also be allowed a longer period of inactivity before being removed from the FC if they don’t stay in contact.

So please remember to give us a heads up if you plan on letting your sub lapse for a while! Either get in touch with an officer, drop a message in #notices on Discord, or ask a friend to let us know. As always, if you or a friend were removed for inactivity, you’re always welcome back.

Chocobo Stable Reminders —

We have a lot of experience capped chocobos in the stable currently. This includes chocobos owned by: Illyasviel Drosera, Noe Starlis, Satsu Heidel, Alisane Vaeros, Arenval Zygra, and Cheshire Furst.

If you take your chocobo out and kill a mob with it summoned, it will level, and you can put it back into the stable so that we may continue training it. If you need an onion to break the level cap, just ask an officer and we can give you one.

FC Trip 2018 —

It’s only a rough online, but we’ve decided on the basics of our next FC trip! We’ll be traveling to southern California in early August of 2018. Like our last trip, it will probably be for a long weekend, and we’ll be renting an airbnb-type property in order to keep things cheap. Some of this stuff may change, but it’s likely that this will be how it goes. We’re announcing this far in advance so that people can plan for it, both financially and in terms of taking the time off work. We’ll start plotting out the finer details after the new year.

These trips have been a crapload of fun in the past, so I encourage anyone interested to try to attend! There will be so much awesome food, RL movie nights, board games, sightseeing, and all of that good stuff. We may also look into getting FC shirts this time around, so there’s that to look forward to as well!

Overwatch Tournament —

Due to a lack of sign-ups, we’re changing the format of the Overwatch tournament to something that will work with the number of people we currently have. We’ll be doing a deathmatch FFA, possibly with some sort of twist to help even the playing field a bit. There will still be prizes and it will still be lots of fun! Further details coming soon.

Thanks for Reading —

And that’s all for this installment. If you have any news you would like relayed in the next newsletter, please contact me in-game (Lunar Heaven) or on Discord (lunar#0134) and give me the details. See you next time!