Halloween Party — October 28, 2017


On Saturday, October 28th, Spectrum is hosting our own Halloween party! Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities at the FC house, starting at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. Read on for more details about the various activities that will take place during the party.

Costume Contest —

The main stage of our party will be the costume contest! All FC members are welcome to whip up their best costume glamour and participate. You must be present for the costume showcase to be eligible to win!

  • What: Create a costume for your character! It can be anything, as long as you’re dressing up as something. So an existing character, a funny pun, a general Halloween costume… whatever! Let your imagination run wild!
  • How to Enter: Sometime during the first hour of the party, contact me (that’s Lunar Heaven) and let me know that you’ll be participating and what your costume is!
  • When: We’ll be presenting the costumes one hour after the party starts, so at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific.
  • Judging: The FC officers will vote for the costume they feel is best overall (going on the criteria of originality, creativity, accuracy, etc.) and will announce the winner during the remainder of the party.
  • Prizes: First place will receive an $18 MogStation credit! Two runner-ups will each receive 1,000,000 gil.

Haunted Maze —

The bottom floor of the FC house will be transformed into an elaborate maze for your perusal! All are welcome to try their hand at finding the end of the maze during the party~

Photo Booths —

There will be a few photo booth areas set up in the upstairs area for your /gpose-ing pleasure. Take some time to get some screenshots with your friends in these Halloween-themed spaces. I’ll be popping in to take some pictures of you all as well!

Raffle —

We’ll be holding a raffle for the new and still currently elusive Flying Chair mount! Tickets will be 10,000 gil a piece. Entries will be accepted from now until the winner is picked and announced at the party.

In order to participate, please:

  • Deposit the money for your entries into the FC chest (for example, 10,000 gil would be for one ticket or 50,000 for five).
  • Message, mogmail, or @mention me (Lunar Heaven / lunar#0134) and let me know the amount. This is important, it won’t be counted as an entry if you don’t let me know.

Giveaways —

Throughout the party, I’ll be doing various giveaways for minions! Whenever I announce one, I’ll roll a /random number, then on my cue, everyone else will have 30 seconds to /random as many times as possible. At the end of that period, the one with the number closest to my original number wins!

(Please note that in order to get the interior ready for the party, FC house access will be closed off for the afternoon of the 28th. Sorry for the inconvenience!)