Newsletter — November 1, 2017

nov1.pngHappy Halloween —

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! We had a blast celebrating it over the weekend as an FC. A big thank you to everyone who showed up to the party—and an even bigger congrats to those who won stuff! The costumes everyone brought to the contest were amazing! Here are some pictures from the event:

The grand prize winner of our costume contest was Yuki Terumi, who received $18 in MogStation items! There was a three-way tie for runner-up between Foster Arcturus, Artemis Lygota, and Tesu Peachu. They each received 1,000,000 gil. Our non-placing entrants will be given a Wind-Up Chimera minion for participating!

The winner of the Flying Chair raffle was Artoria Araneae.

And those who won the /random giveaways were Tesu Peachu (twice!), Lucy Greene, and Artemis Lygota.

Most of the prizes have already been sent out! Those that haven’t will be sent out ASAP.

I’ll be leaving up the Halloween decorations for a couple more days, just in case anyone wants to check them out or try out the maze downstairs.

New House Pictures —

Our little photoshoot with our new large house went well! The people who attended shared a lot of pictures on Discord, but I’ve included my own here for those who missed it.

Member of the Month —

Another month, another featured member! The winner of the November poll is Ren Thurston! Congrats on your status as our current member of the month! Thank you for all that you do for Spectrum.

An interview with Mr. Thurston will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any remarks about him that you would like included like I usually do, PM me in-game or on Discord!

This also means that we’re now accepting nominations for the December MotM. You can submit them anonymously using the form below!


Monthly Giveaway —

It’s time to draw the winner of the monthly giveaway! As previously stated, October’s giveaway is for one of the two ghost costumes. So without further ado, the number for this month is…



Congrats to Lyron Wyvern, who was closest with his pick of 299! I’ll be contacting you shortly about getting you a code.

If you remember the last newsletter, it should be no surprise that this is the last monthly giveaway. It’s time for the sun to set on this recurring event. But don’t worry, we’ve got another thing coming up to take its place! And that is…

Screenshot Contest —

Our new regular contest will be a screenshot contest. We felt this would be a lot more involved and rewarding than a regular random giveaway, while still being low pressure and easy to enter. Each month, we’ll pick a theme, and everyone will have two weeks to take and submit a screenshot that they feel conveys the theme. For the latter two weeks of the month, we’ll throw up a poll and everyone can vote for the screenshot they feel is best in terms of fitting the theme, originality, composition, etc. A new prize (or selection of prizes) will be up for grabs every month.

There are just a couple of rules: no heavy photoshop may be used. Basic things like color correction and sharpening are okay, but if it’s something that can’t be applied through /gpose or an in-game shader like ReShade, please don’t edit it in. And it must be your screenshot! You can absolutely have other people in your screenshot, but you cannot take someone else’s and claim it as your own. You can only submit one screenshot for voting, but if you submit one and then take a better one later, feel free to resubmit the second one.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can kick off submissions for our first screenshot contest. For the month of November, the theme is My Favorite Place. Take a screenshot showing off your favorite location in Eorzea. It can be a beautiful view on the field, a secret place few know about, or even your private residence.

For right now, please message me your screenshot privately. For next month, I’ll have a better method of submitting ready. The site will also soon be updated to reflect the change from monthly giveaway to screenshot contest!

Sightseeing Tour —

Our sightseeing tours resume this month! We’ll be visiting Othard on Friday, November 3th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Since new sightseeing logs have been added with 4.1, even if you did all of them when Stormblood came out, you might still be seeing something new. And be sure to wear a nice glamour if you would like to take some screenshots.

Weeb Night —

Weeb Night this time will be on Sunday, October 5th. The exact time and what we’re watching are currently undecided, but will be announced sometime before we start, so keep an eye on Discord if you’re interested!

Movie Night —

To give us a little break after the October movie extravaganza, our next movie night won’t be until Sunday the 12th. When it does roll around, we’ll be watching Gone Girl at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific.

Rabanastre Drinking Game —

On Friday the 10th, we’ll be hosting a Royal City of Rabanastre drinking game! All are welcome to join us in-game and on Discord as we get completely and utterly screwed up. The drinking game we held last time became the stuff of FC legends, so if this time turns out to be even half as fun, you don’t want to miss it!

The rules will be posted up before we start. It probably won’t end after just one run, but I can’t say for sure what we’ll decide to do after since I know better than to make plans when chaos will ensue. We might run Rabanastre again, or another 24-man raid, or might play something else!

Kumo & Artemis’ Wedding —

Kumo Kumah and Artemis Lygota would like to invite everyone to join them in celebrating their virtual marriage on Saturday, November 4th. The wedding will start at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific, and while there is no dress code, coming naked or in the ugliest costume you can come up with is encouraged! Invites are available in the FC chest.

Map Night —

Thank you to everyone who showed up to map night last time! It went so well that we actually had to split into two separate parties to accommodate everyone, and both groups got to enter the Hidden Canals a couple of times. Overall, a huge success!

Map night this month will be on Saturday the 18th. As always, if you don’t have a map, Arenval will provide one for you so that everyone can have a chance to reap some spoils. First timers are also welcome, so don’t be shy. Hope to see you all there!

Battle Officer Recruitment —

It was mentioned on Discord a couple of times, but I’d like to plug it here as well: We’re recruiting a battle officer! This role is for someone who would communicate with the FC members about what content they need or would like to do, organize that content, and run it. It would include both teaching people fights and running farms, depending on the type of party. We are looking for someone organized, patient, and excited about getting the FC more involved in EX and Savage content. The full details are on Discord under #notices.

If you’re interested in this position, we’re accepting applications for a couple more days before we start trying to make our decision. Fill out the form below to be considered.

Battle Officer Application

Thanks for Reading —

Starting this month, I’m including a feedback form at the end of every newsletter. We really want to hear what you guys have to say, whether it’s what you want to see more of, things you like or don’t like, something you think needs improvement, or just thoughts on the FC. So if anything occurs to you, feel free to drop it here. It can be anonymous or you can include your name if you choose to. And as always, if you have any news you would like relayed in the next newsletter, please contact me in-game (Lunar Heaven) or on Discord (lunar#0134) and give me the details. See you next time!