Newsletter — November 15, 2017

nov15.pngScreenshot Contest —

The entry period of our first screenshot contest has come to a close! Now you may all vote for your favorites. The winner of this month’s contest will receive a Flying Chair mount. Use the link below to view and vote on the submitted screenshots!

Screenshot Contest Voting

Member of the Month —

Similarly, nominations for the December MotM have been closed! Thanks everyone who contributed their thoughts. As always, you can throw in your vote and your optional reasoning at the link below.


Also Ren’s interview is coming soon, please look forward to it!

Weeb Night —

Our next weeb night will be on Friday the 17th! Start time will probably be around 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. This time’s viewing material has yet to be decided, so keep an eye on #notices. If you have any suggestions, please forward them to Moon Bunny!

Map Night —

Just a reminder that map night is Saturday the 18th! As always, anyone is welcome to join as we raid the Lost Canals of Uznair (and hopefully the Hidden Canals as well!) for loot. If you’ve never done maps before, or even if you don’t have one of your own to open up, come anyway! Arenval Zygra can provide you with a map if you don’t have one so that everyone can experience the RNG joy.

Shinryu EX Clear Party —

Foster Arcturus (one of our new battle officers!) will be hosting a Shinryu EX learning/clear party on Sunday the 19th. If you’ve been trying to secure that clear for a while now, join us to get it nailed down! We’re also welcoming those who don’t know the whole fight, but brushing up on the info beforehand will make it a much smoother experience! Stay tuned to #notices for time details or message Foster if you want more info.

Movie Night —

Movie night this time around will be on Sunday the 26th, since Sundays seem to be working out well for us! We’ll be starting at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. The catch is that I’m not sure what we’ll be watching! I just can’t make up my mind! Please shoot me your suggestions and I’ll make a decision and post it in #notices. Regardless of what we end up watching, I’m sure it’ll be a great time as usual, so hoping to see you all there!

Static Recruitment —

Broods Miyuki would like everyone to know that he is still recruiting for his casual, one-night-a-week static! As of this posting, they are looking for two DPS and one tank. They will be running on Fridays from 8pm Central until 11pm or midnight, starting on the 17th. If you’re interested in joining this super amazing casual static team, please message Broods or Rhapsody Elsmeth for more details.

Yuki’s Clear Nights —

Starting on December 9th, Yuki Terumi will be holding regular nights to help people clear and farm old content and learn new. Friday and/or Saturdays will be dedicated to clearing and farming while Monday nights will be saved for working on learning and clearing current content like EX primals. But this is a casual thing, so days and times can be adjusted within reason to accommodate more people! The times he’ll be running these events will be from 10pm to midnight Eastern (which is 7pm to 9pm Pacific!), and all will be welcomed, so even if you’ve already cleared or have loot and just want to help out, feel free to tag along! If you want more info, want to help out, or have requests on what content to run when December rolls around, message Yuki in-game or on Discord!

Thanks for Reading —

As with last month, I’m including a feedback form at the end of every newsletter. We really want to hear what you guys have to say, whether it’s what you want to see more of, things you like or don’t like, something you think needs improvement, or just thoughts on the FC. So if anything occurs to you, feel free to drop it here. It can be anonymous or you can include your name if you choose to. And as always, if you have any news you would like relayed in the next newsletter, please contact me in-game (Lunar Heaven) or on Discord (lunar#0134) and give me the details. See you next time!