Newsletter — December 1, 2017


Screenshot Contest —

Our first screenshot contest has come to a close! I’d like to congratulate Kumo Kumah on winning this one. Here’s the lovely winning screenshot for anyone who hasn’t seen it:


For the month of December, our theme is Primals. As with last time, it’s entirely up to you how to interpret the theme! It can be a screenshot of a primal, a scene inspired by a primal, or something else entirely. The prize for this month will be a full set of primal minions!

Also, I’ve made a simpler way to enter the screenshot contest. There is now a channel on the Discord server dedicated to the screenshot contest (aptly named #screenshot-contest) where you can drop your screenshots. Of course, you can still send them to me privately if you choose to do so, either through a DM or a link through mog mail. Hoping to see what all of you come up with this month!

Member of the Month —

The votes are in, and our member of the month for December is the lovely Tesu Peachu! Congrats on being recognized as member of the month, and thank you for all that you do!

An interview with Tesu will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any remarks about her that you would like included at the end as per usual, please drop them in my mog mail or through Discord.

This means that we’re now accepting nominations for January! You can submit them anonymously here:


Sephirot EX Farm —

Time for a throwback! Sephirot EX is by far the most annoying HW primal to farm, so I’m hosting a party for anyone who wants a chance at the bird or some fiend sap for those awesome weapons. We’ll be doing this on Sunday, December 3rd at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific! Since this is a farm party and this is a pretty easy fight to wipe on, I ask that you come in knowing the mechanics of the fight. Message me (that’s Lunar Heaven!) to save yourself a spot in the farm, but be sure to show up on time if you do so. Let’s get some loot!

Movie Night —

In an effort to clean up some of the remaining movies we had leftover from Halloween suggestions, I’ve decided that we’ll be watching The Witch on Monday, December 4th! We’ll start at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific. Come join us in getting spooked!

Yuki’s Clear Nights —

As mentioned last newsletter, Yuki Terumi’s clear nights will start in mid-December. The schedule has changed slightly from what was announced. Yuki will be holding this parties on Friday nights, starting at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific., with the possibility of extra nights being added in. The goal here is to get old content cleared for those who need completion or loot! This can be old savage raids, extreme primals, and whatnot. This is a great opportunity to come together and experience old content together, so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to run, please forward them to Yuki. If you can’t do Friday nights or another that Yuki is free, you can also get in touch with an officer and ask for help with a clear. We’re always happy to assist~

Map Night —

It returns! Map night is coming again, this time with a twist! We won’t just be treasure hunters — we’ll be festive treasure hunters. Head cAnal Raider and Pro HoHoHo Arenval Zygra wants you all to don your best holiday glamours and join him in cracking open many a map and claiming all the loot. All of it.

As always, feel free to join whether you’ve done maps before or not. If you don’t have a map of your own, Arenval will supply you with one!

The date has not yet been decided yet, but once it is, it will be relayed through #notices and the next newsletter if it doesn’t occur before then.

Christmas Event —

This year, we’ll be continuing our tradition of doing a festive Christmas “run” through the world, giving out gifts to any adventurers we come across along the way.

For anyone who hasn’t tagged along for these before, there isn’t much to it: We throw on some festive holiday glamours, grab a bunch of random goodies (things like minions, glamour gear, fireworks, food, etc.), and trek across random maps in the overworld, trading gifts to people we find along the way. It’s a lot of fun and really gets us into the giving spirit.

If you want to join us in spreading holiday cheer, we’ll be doing this Saturday, December 23rd at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. Hope to see you all there!

Static Recruitment —

Broods Miyuki would like everyone to know that he is still recruiting for his casual, one-night-a-week static! As of this posting, they are looking for two DPS, one healer, and possibly two tanks. They will be running on Fridays from 8pm Central until 11pm or midnight. If you’re interested in joining this super amazing casual static team, please message Broods for more details.

FC Trip 2018 —

It’s time to start getting our plans in order for SpectrumCon 2018™. (But really, let’s not call it that…) As previously disclosed, we’ll be heading to southern California in sometime around very late July to early August. We are going to be making our best effort to keep the price of accommodations cheap, so hopefully as many people as possible can afford to come!

And YES, you are invited! Whether you’ve attended our previous FC trips (Las Vegas in 2016, Tennessee in 2017) or not, you are more than welcome to come hang out with us. These are always a TON of fun and even those who are apprehensive about meeting online friends come out of it with a lot of great memories. We’re one big family and that feeling sticks during these trips as well!

If you’re interested in attending, please fill out this form:

FC Trip 2018 Survey

Keep in mind that this is just for the purpose of building a contact list for the trip. Filling out this form doesn’t mean you have to attend, and not filling it out doesn’t mean you can’t. This is just so that I can create a chat channel on Discord and gather some basic info. Since group DMs are limited to 10 people, we have a text channel (#fc-trip-2018) on the server, visible to those tagged with the role of the same name.

If you have any questions about the trip stuff or want to be added to the chat (if you take a while to get around to filling out the form, I might not notice the response right away, so poke me if you don’t get added!), please contact me. That’s lunar#0134 on Discord.