In Memoriam


Last week, the unthinkable happened — we lost a friend, Kazuto Smoke. Over the past few days, both his close friends and those who hardly knew him have come together to support each other in the aftermath of this shocking event. Thank you all for the kindness you’ve shown.

Kazuto’s brother-in-spirit, Lucy Greene, requested to put out one last message in his honor, which I’m sharing with you all below.

I remember when I met Kazuto, he was looking for people to clear Titan Extreme at that moment I knew I had a friend and a brother that would have my back and ever since then we have been trying to clear content together.  When we were in our server of Jenova, we always trolled around and messed with people in the crystal tower raids and just trying to have fun.

I remember always getting on voice chat with him and some other friends and just staying up till 6 A.M. just doing stupid shit together strengthening our friendship.

I remember we were clearing content together a few of us had cleared T13 and he was still in need of it and silently queued into T13 in the DF and I remember him saying “When do we LB Bahamut again?, CUZ YOUR BOY JUST CLEARED T13.” He was there when I had gone through rough times and told me that I shouldn’t give a fuck what people thought of me.  

I remember when he started to help people around the FC and started to blame me for having my “helpfulness” rub off on him, and it just made me smile because the reason why I helped people was to have them to the same thing to others one day and seeing him make that sudden change just made me feel like there was some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

I remember in our private LS we would team up against Molly and another friend in our table flipping wars and just spending at least 5 minutes spamming our stuff shenanigans in there just to have one of us try to one up each other.  There were so many memories that we had together as an FC that just made life so much easier to deal with, with all of us sitting around fucking around and playing a video game that we enjoyed trying to escape the harsh reality.

Cory, I wish that you had reached out to us somehow and tried to talk to us about the things that was going down, in your life, you have no idea how much of an impact that you made on my life with just the few years that we have known each other and I hope that you find peace wherever you may be. I love you man.


Once again, thank you all for the support you’ve shown each other, those who left kind words or showed up to the memorial. And most of all, thank you, Kazuto, for giving us the opportunity to know you. You are, and will always be, a member of our family. We miss you, Kazuzu.