Cry Wolf — Info & Rules


It’s time for another round of an old favorite: Cry Wolf! You may know this game as Mafia or Werewolves, but regardless of what it’s called, it’s a lot of fun! We play it over the course of several days rather than in one sitting, so it usually ends up being a memorable affair. This time around, I, your very own Lunar Heaven, will be taking up the mantle of Shepherd to lead you through this thrilling adventure when we begin after the new year!

Premise  — 

The idea of the game is simple: Wolves in Sheep’s clothing! Among those who sign up for the game, several will be randomly selected to be Wolves, while the rest of the players will be Sheep.

Each role aims for a different goal. The Sheep do not know who among their fellow players are Sheep and who are Wolves. Their goal is to suss out the identities of the Wolves and vote them out of the game. A couple of Sheep are also randomly chosen to receive special powers that they can use to try to turn the tide of the game, so their goal is to use those powers to the Flock’s advantage without making themselves a target. Meanwhile, the Wolves know the faces of their fellow Wolves and collude with each other. Their goal is to trick the Sheep into voting each other out of the game while they thin the Flock through nightly feedings.

The cycle of the game goes as follows: The players will mingle and vote for those they suspect of being Wolves during the Daytime phase. During the Nighttime phase, the players voted most suspicious are pitted against each other, and the players will vote to oust one from the game. At the end of Nighttime, the Wolves pick one Sheep to kill off.

The game will be hosted by the Shepherd. The purpose of the Shepherd is to guide the game while showing no favor to either side, simply evening the odds. The Shepherd will make all game-related posts and give clues to narrow down suspicion. While the Shepherd will never lie, he or she is not present to make things easy or obvious, so be sure to pay attention to the advice or hints that are given!

The way to win is different for each side. Sheep will win by voting all of the Wolves out. Wolves will win when enough Sheep are eliminated and the total number of Wolves in the game outnumbers the Sheep remaining. Meaning, if there are three Wolves in the beginning and the game gets down to two Sheep and one Wolf, the Wolves win.

This game will take place over Discord. Participants will be given access to a special Cry Wolf text channel on the Spectrum server for as long as they’re active in the game. Suspicion and ousting polls will be made through and Google Forms respectively. Currently active players are encouraged to communicate as a group (through the Cry Wolf text channel) and privately (Discord PM, in-game, Facebook, and whatever other means) to strategize and discuss the game.

As stated, the game will take place over several days rather than in one sitting as is typical for Mafia or Werewolf. This is to allow people from all time zones and levels of free time to participate, and also to make it more immersive. Depending on how many rounds the game goes, it can last over a week.


  • First and foremost: Please do not share information that will unfairly skew the outcome of the game! This includes acts such as screencapping or sharing private messages from the Shepherd unless otherwise stated within the message, screencapping or sharing private Wolf discussion, and discussing the game after you have been ousted or killed off. This and the following rule are the most important, and anyone who breaks them will be banned from participating in all future games of Cry Wolf.
  • As stated, players who are ousted or killed by Wolves are no longer allowed to participate in the game. This means do not comment on game posts, assist people in solving clues, or share information or speculation with other currently active players. Please respect the outcome of the game and allow the remaining players to progress naturally. All ousted and killed players will have their own “afterlife” chat to discuss the game with each other.
  • You are free to tell others what side you are on, whether it be the truth or a lie. However, be aware that doing so may cast suspicion on yourself!
  • If you sign up for the game, please participate! Yes, trying to fly under the radar by lying low is a viable strategy in this game, but people who don’t say a word in the group chat and repeatedly abstain from voting will be removed from the game for inactivity. That is, if the Wolves don’t get to them first — inactive Sheep are usually the first to be eaten!
  • Private play is allowed and encouraged to get a better feel for your fellow players! This can be in the form of in-game communication, Facebook messages, Discord, or whatever other methods. Players are also free to bring up things you discover through private conversation, but everyone should keep in mind that anything can be a lie and that the Wolves will be attempting to fool the Sheep.


In addition to the basic roles listed, there are a few special roles bestowed upon players at the beginning of the game to make the experience more dynamic. I’ve listed all of the designations and their purposes and goals below.

  • The Shepherd: The Game Master. The Shepherd makes all game-related updates and conducts the game in a neutral manner that benefits neither side.
  • The Sheep: One of the basic player roles. The Sheep only want to live peacefully, thus their goal is to try to find the Wolves hiding among their Flock and oust them. The Sheep do not know the identities of their fellow players.
  • The Wolves: The other basic player role. The Wolves want to feed upon the Flock, thus their goal is to try to remain undercover while doing their dirty work. Wolves know the identities of their fellow Wolves and, thus, who the Sheep are, but they do not know who the Fortune Teller, Hunter, or Lovers are. (Unless they are one of the Lovers.)
  • The Fortune Teller: The Fortune Teller is a special role always given to a Sheep. This Sheep has been gifted with special psychic vision — in game terms, it means that once per Nighttime phase, they are permitted to ask the Shepherd to disclose the identity of a player of their choice. The Shepherd will tell them if this player is a Sheep or a Wolf. (If the selected player is the Hunter or a Lover, that information will not be disclosed.) The Fortune Teller is tasked with using this information to the advantage of the Flock without drawing attention to themselves since, as a player with a highly powerful ability, they will be a prime target for the Wolves’ feeding time once suspected or identified.
  • The Hunter: The Hunter is a special role always given to a Sheep. This Sheep has honed his martial prowess and is, honestly, a bit of a badass. When this player is ousted or killed, they can choose to attack and kill one player of their choosing.
  • The Lovers: The Lovers are special roles that can be given to either Sheep or Wolves. They will know each other’s identity as a Sheep or a Wolf. These two are deeply, madly in love — so much so, that if one is ousted or killed, the other one immediately takes on the same fate as well. (As in, if one is removed from the game either through voting or by the Wolves, the other is forced out of the game as well.) The Lovers have another condition: they cannot, even as a bluff, vote to oust each other. These two may also have a special case: If the Lovers are a Sheep and a Wolf, the objective of the game changes for only them. In order for their questionable interspecies love to flourish, they must eliminate all other players from the game using the standard game rules. Keep in mind, this is only the case for a Wolf/Sheep pair! Otherwise, the Lovers are meant to play the game normally for their side. These two are encouraged to communicate privately and avoid bringing suspicion upon themselves as being the Lovers, as losing two players at once can be severely damaging to either side. A pair of Sheep as Lovers can be especially powerful as they know they can trust each other.

Game Outline 

Round One: Daytime (Suspicion)

Once the Shepherd is ready to start the game, a post will be made to the group chat containing the following information:

  • A link to a poll containing the names of each of the players. This is the suspicion poll and only people that are participating in the game may vote in it! Votes may be changed at any time while the poll is still open, and all players will be able to view the results of the poll, but not who casted which vote.
  • A time table which will be closely followed throughout the game. It will say when the first vote will be held and how long it will run. It will also say when hunting will begin and when it ends, though hunting can end earlier if the Wolves decide on their prey quickly.
  • How many wolves are in the game.

Once the post is made, private messages will be sent to each of the players to tell them if they are a Sheep or a Wolf. Wolves will also get the names of their fellow Wolves. After players find out which side they play for, they will proceed to interact. Players are free to talk amongst themselves to get a feel for personalities, and when the Shepherd gives the first clue later on, they can work out the answer together. They’re also free to discuss who should be voted as the most suspicious.

Everyone gets one suspicion vote that they can cast however they like. The vote is cast using a unique code that the Shepherd will send to each player. This ensures that each person is only voting once. Please follow the link and use the form to cast your vote. Votes may be changed at any time during the voting window. If you wish to change your vote, please message the Shepherd and ask for another code.

Round One: Nighttime (Ousting)

When the duration of the suspicion poll is done, it will be locked to new and edited votes.  The Shepherd will the name of the two most suspected people and pit them against each other. If there is a tie at the end of the suspicion poll, the Shepherd will toss a coin to choose who goes into voting at random.

The new poll will be viewable to everyone and votes can be changed at any time until the poll is closed. If everyone has not cast their vote by the time the poll closes, the Shepherd has the option to vote randomly for any missing parties.  If the poll ends in a tie, the Shepherd will toss a coin to determine who is removed from the game.

If you are in the poll, you are not allowed to place a vote. Any votes placed by players who are up for ousting will be thrown out.

Those that are up for vote are allowed (and encouraged) to speak up in the group chat to defend themselves if they so desire!

While the ousting poll is going on, there will be a window of time in which the Wolves will private message the Shepherd their votes for what Sheep they wish to kill. If the Wolves don’t have a majority vote for one Sheep, the Shepherd will choose between them randomly. If no Wolves vote, the Shepherd will kill a Sheep off at random.

Round Two and All Following Rounds

The second round will begin once the Wolves have decided on a Sheep to kill and the Shepherd makes the next update.  This one will look like the first round’s daytime post.  It will contain a new suspicion poll, the time table for the second round (which will be similar to that of the first round), and will announce who was removed and who was killed the round before. Players that are killed or voted out are no longer allowed to participate in the game. This means no game-related conversation or speculating with friends still in the game!

Play will continue from there.

From the second round and the rounds that follow, the Shepherd is likely to give more hints, but will never share if the person voted out the round before was a Wolf or Sheep. Rather, the Shepherd will give a warning if the game is one round away from ending.

The game ends when:

  • All the Wolves have been voted for removal.


  • The number of Wolves in total is greater than the Sheep left in the game.

Advice to the Players 

  • Read all of this info. No, I’m not trying to be cheeky! This game is much easier to play if you know all of the information in this post. Misunderstanding or not knowing the procedure and/or concepts of the game can lead to some very misaligned conclusions.
  • Be ready to lie, suspect, and accuse. This is the entire point of the game! Don’t blindly trust someone because they’re your friend. Don’t take it personally if someone uses the fact that you’re friends to try to deceive you. Those things are absolutely part of the game and make it so much more interesting. It can get a bit heated as the game goes on, so I ask you to please not take the things that happen in Cry Wolf as personal offense. Also, don’t take it too seriously either! We’re having fun and trying to win for our sides, but it’s never worth getting upset over.
  • Have conversation outside of group chat. This is another element that makes the game way more interesting. One-on-one chats give you another perspective entirely on your fellow players, and while you aren’t allowed to screenshot or share Wolf chat or private messages from the Shepherd, you are allowed to do either with regular private conversations. Use this to your advantage.
  • When solving hints, the best course of action is usually to avoid overthinking it. Also, while it’s customary to give everyone time to try solving the hint before sharing the solution, consider how completely withholding the information for the entire round will reflect on you if you let people know that you’ve figured it out.
  • Advice for the Sheep: Be wary of your fellow players, but don’t be afraid to make judgments and form alliances with those you suspect of being fellow Sheep if that kind of strategy appeals to you. A divided Flock that can’t agree on anything is the easiest prey for the Wolves. Once you’re deeper into the game, a united front can be deadly to the Wolf side. Also, remember that the Fortune Teller does exist among your Flock as a powerful ally, but don’t try to draw them out or they may be endangered.
  • Advice the Wolves: While you may feel like your job will be easy in the beginning, it’s extremely rare for a game to run without any Wolves being figured out. If one Wolf slips up and is suspected too early, sacrificing him or her is a viable option to keep the other two clear of suspicion.

Sign Ups 

This time around, I am welcoming all members and guests of the Spectrum Discord server to play. The only requirement is that you be willing to actively participate!

To sign up, fill out the form below. The extra information included there is possibly be used in hints.

Cry Wolf — Sign Ups

After signing up, you are required to accept my friend request on Discord if I don’t already have you friended. If the start of the game rolls around and you haven’t, you won’t be participating!

The game will officially begin on January 2nd, 2018, assuming we have the required minimum of 12 players signed up. Hope to see you guys there!