Newsletter — December 15, 2017


Welcome Corner —

This segment is a new addition to the newsletter! Due to a small spike in recruitment this past month, I thought it would be nice to start formally welcoming new FC members. Current members, if you see these guys around, be sure to give them a warm welcome if you haven’t already!

This time around, we’ve met the following new friends: Azuki Anpan, Vourion Vosegus, Aurragar Zacquin, Katsuo Tateshiro, Kungfu Pow, Luxia Yue, and Sai Joker! We’ve also had a couple of old members resubbing or popping in for the free login campaign (Zeir Neiz and Rayland Southpaw respectively), so a big hello to you guys as well!

It’s great to have you all in our family and a pleasure to get to know you already! If you’re interested in getting involved on Discord, be it voice or text chat, grab the invite from the company board and hop on in. Feel free to ask an officer or senior member for help with anything.

Screenshot Contest —

The entry period of the screenshot contest has come to a close! Now you may all vote for your favorites. The winner of this month’s contest will receive a full set of wind-up primal minions. Use the link below to view and vote on the submitted screenshots. Remember that you can open images in a new tab to see them in their full sizes!

Screenshot Contest Voting

Member of the Month —

Similarly, nominations for the January MotM have been closed! Thanks everyone who contributed their thoughts. As always, you can throw in your vote and your optional reasoning at the link below.

MotM Voting — January 2018

Map Night —

It returns! Map night is coming again, this time with a twist! We won’t just be treasure hunters — we’ll be festive treasure hunters. Head cAnal Raider and Pro HoHoHo Arenval Zygra wants you all to don your best holiday glamours and join him in cracking open many a map and claiming all the loot. All of it.

As always, feel free to join whether you’ve done maps before or not. If you don’t have a map of your own, Arenval will supply you with one!

This will be held on Saturday, December 16th at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific. Hope to see you there and in your most festive garb!

Shinryu EX Learning / Clear Party —

Lucy Greene is holding a Shinryu EX party for those who want to learn the fight or shoot for a clear! Those who haven’t been able to clear yet, or who haven’t been able to find the time or courage to try the fight before now, we welcome you to come kick it in a relaxed and informational FC-run group.

This run will happen around 9:30pm Eastern / 6:30pm Pacific on Sunday the 17th. If you’re interested in participating, please shoot Lucy a message in-game or on Discord so that he knows which roles are needed!

Movie Night —

Our next movie night is scheduled for Saturday, December 30th. This time, we’ll be watching Kingsman: The Secret Service at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific. (Not much of a “night” for some of us, I know!) Hope to see you guys there! As always, if you have any movie requests, please forward them to me.

Christmas Event —

This year, we’ll be continuing our tradition of doing a festive Christmas “run” through the world, giving out gifts to any adventurers we come across along the way.

For anyone who hasn’t tagged along for these before, there isn’t much to it: We throw on some festive holiday glamours, grab a bunch of random goodies (things like minions, glamour gear, fireworks, food, etc.), and trek across random maps in the overworld, trading gifts to people we find along the way. It’s a lot of fun and really gets us into the giving spirit.

If you want to join us in spreading holiday cheer, we’ll be doing this Saturday, December 23rd at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. Hope to see you all there!

Reminders —

We’ve been running into a lot of experience-capped chocobos in the stables lately, so this is a friendly admin reminder to take yours out and level it if that happens! As always, if you need an onion to break the leveling cap past rank 10, poke an officer and they can grab one for you, free of charge. Thank you to everyone who’s been diligently keeping the chocobos fed!

Also, a reminder that chocobo coloring fruit are always available in the company chest! They are quick and easy to grow, so even if your desired color calls for a lot of one, please take what you need.

Cry Wolf —

As of yesterday, we’ve opened up sign ups for a new game of Cry Wolf! This is a game that we’ve played a couple of times in the past, previously over Facebook, but this time we’re taking it to Discord. You may know it under more common names like Mafia and Werewolf, but the basic concept is still the same. It’s a social game designed to pit people against each other in a battle of wits and deceit!

All of the info about the game can be found in the post linked below, along with the sign up form. It’s very important to read the entire post before playing the game, so that you know how the game works!

Cry Wolf — Info & Sign Ups

We’ll be starting this round on January 2nd. When we play, we do so over the course of days, so it’s both more immersive and more people can participate. Depending on the amount of people who sign up and how many rounds the game goes, it can take over a week to complete.

And just a note: If you want to participate, I suggest signing up ASAP! I’m not sure how large I want the player pool to be, so if the list of participants grows too much, I may cut off sign ups before the 2nd.

Overwatch Tournament —

We’re going to be giving an Overwatch tournament another shot! The last time we tried to get one going, we couldn’t get enough people on board, and when we tried to conceptualize it as a FFA tournament, we ran into issues with the inactivity timer on custom games. This time around, we’re shooting for a 3v3 format again. We won’t be holding this tournament until after the new year if it gets enough traction, so don’t worry about being too busy for it during the holidays!

If you’re interested and want to see this happen, fill out the form below to let us know. Keep in mind that these aren’t actually sign ups, just checking to see if we have enough people to even hold this event! If you have any questions about the tournament, please contact Lucy Greene.

Overwatch Tournament — Interest Check