Newsletter — January 1, 2018


Welcome Corner —

It’s a new year, a new month, and… time to welcome new members! Things have been a bit slow due to the holidays, but we still have some fresh and returning faces around the FC.

I’d like to welcome Yu Yevon’, Ran D’arc, Tiny Twinkie, Tsun Tsun, and Hichi Hachi! If you see any of these guys around, be sure to give them a big hello.

And to the new members: If you have any questions, need help with something, or anything else, feel free to contact an officer or regular member! You are now part of our family and we want to make you as comfortable as possible. ♥

Screenshot Contest —

December’s screenshot contest is over, and our winner is Flemely L’mel! Congrats! You’ll be receiving your prize (a full set of primal minions) shortly. Here’s the winning screenshot:


That is one gorgeous picture. Thank you to everyone who entered, there were a lot of great submissions!

The theme for January is Peaceful. However you choose to interpret the theme is up to you. As with last month, you can either drop your screenshot entries into the appropriate channel on discord (#screenshot-contest) or send the link to me privately in DM or mogmail!

Member of the Month —

Our member of the month for January 2018 has been decided! Congrats to Kumo Kumah! I suppose this is a big thank you for the time you served as an officer and all of the effort you continue to put towards the FC. We really do appreciate all that you do for Spectrum and its members.

His interview will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any remarks about him that you would like included at the end as per usual, please drop them in my mog mail or through Discord.

This means that we’re now accepting nominations for February! You can submit them anonymously here:


Christmas Event —

I just want to give a big, big thank you to everyone who came and hung out for the Christmas event we held on the 23rd. It kind of evolved into a completely different beast all together, but it was wildly successful! Ultimately, we ended up giving away over 60mil in gil and items to random adventurers across Eorzea, and a lot of people showed their thanks to us for spreading the spirit of giving. So good job on the holiday cheer, guys!

O4S Learning Parties —

Here’s something new: I’ll be running learning parties for O4S for the next couple of weeks! With 4.2 getting closer and closer, people are probably looking to get down this last fight, be it for bragging rights, loot, or achievements. I’m here to help with that. We’ll be learning from the very beginning of the fight, but you’re still welcome to join if you have further progression.

Due to the difficulty of this fight, I request two things from those participating: be able to pull your weight in terms of playing your role and doing mechanics, and please check out a guide beforehand. Even if it’s just some quick skill descriptions and diagrams! I personally prefer text guides (such as this one), but there are plenty of video guides on Youtube as well!

These will be held on the next couple of Monday nights (so the 8th and then the 15th) around 9pm Eastern. We’ll most likely go for a couple of hours. If you’re interested in participating, shoot me a message!

Yuki’s Clear Nights —

It’s been going on for a few weeks now, but I wanted to drop a reminder that every Friday night, Yuki Terumi has been organizing parties to clear and farm older content. I encourage everyone who’s interested to take the opportunity to come together and clear some content while having fun together! These are usually held around 10pm Eastern, so be sure to pop in on Friday night to get some stuff done!

Movie Night —

Our next movie night is scheduled for Wednesday, January 10th, where we’ll be watching Train to Busan at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Then, we’ll be having another on Saturday, January 13th! We’ll be watching Ace Attorney at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. Hope to see you guys there! As always, if you have any movie requests, please forward them to me.

Broods’ Static Recruitment —

With 4.2 approaching, Broods is looking to get a stable team together for the new raid tier! He runs a casual, one-night-a-week static that aims to get things done while having fun.

They meet up on Friday nights and raid from 8pm Central for three to four hours, but their time may be adjusted to 30 to 60 minutes earlier for the new patch. Currently, they need a tank, a healer, and three non-RDM damage dealers.

If you’re interested in joining, please message Broods Miyuki in-game or Broods#2939 on Discord.

Cry Wolf —

Just dropping a reminder that Cry Wolf starts VERY SOON! Sign ups are now closed. I will be sending out messages on Wednesday afternoon, so be sure to check your DMs on Discord. Play will be on the #cry-wolf text channel on Discord, so make sure you’re checking there too once it’s available!

If you have any questions about the game, shoot them my way. Looking forward to playing with you guys!

Overwatch Tournament —

We’re still checking interest for the OW tournament! Currently, enough people have shown interest that we can move forward and do sign ups, but we’d like to gauge interest a bit more before that!

Details on the format, how teams will be formed, prizes, etc. will be released soon. We’re really just aiming to host a fun tournament where people try their best regardless of skill level, so even if you’re a beginner, feel free to give it a shot. It’s a good chance to skirmish with friends with the chance at winning some stuff!

If you’re interested and would like to see this tournament happen, fill out this form: