Newsletter — January 15, 2018



We’ve welcomed a fair number of new members into our midst in the past few days, all of whom I’d like to recognize here! Spectrum is now enjoying the presence of: Shadow Fairlight, Whoryen Dumbname, Ira Cy, Zebwyn Negel, Starla Cura, Papa Whiskey, Ethan Carlson, Lith Vandale, and Lunabelle Moonchild! We’d also like to welcome back a previous member, Anubis Bloodline!

If you see these fine people around, be sure to give them a big hello. If you’re new, feel free to hop in our Discord if you haven’t yet to get constant FC updates (and tons of shitposting). And if you need any help with anything, give any officer a shout and we’ll do our best to give you a hand!


The entry period of the screenshot contest has come to a close! Now you may all vote for your favorites. Remember that you can open images in a new tab to see them in their full sizes! The prize for this one is still TBD, by the way, since I’m waiting to see what cool new items come out in 4.2! (So it’ll probably be a new glamour or minion!)



Similarly, nominations for the February MotM have been closed! Thanks everyone who contributed their thoughts. As always, you can throw in your vote and your optional reasoning at the link below.



Our next map night will be on Saturday, January 27th! Arenval Zygra invites everyone to join him for the usual treasure-hunting hijinks that evening. We usually start our map nights around 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific. You can choose to bring your own Gazelleskin map(s), but if you don’t have access to gathering one, Arenval is happy to supply one for you. If you’ve never done maps before, you’re encouraged to join and give it a shot! Even if you don’t win any rolls, there are still a lot of random item and gil drops to partake in, as well as lots of great company to enjoy while raiding those canals.


Movie night this time around will be on Saturday, January 20th! We’ll be watching Jurassic World at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific, or possibly a little bit later. Hope to see you there!


The calendar may be a bit sparse this month while we take a bit of a break, but we’re looking to pick things back up again in February! I’d love to schedule things that people get excited about, so I really want to hear feedback from you guys about what you want to see more of! If you have any requests or suggestions, be it stuff we’ve done before or entirely new events, please shoot them my way. Either Lunar Heaven in-game or lunar#0134 on Discord.


With 4.2 coming sometime during this newsletter period, I’d like to extend the usual reminders. We don’t tolerate spoilers in FC chat channels (including Discord voice chat), so make sure you take your MSQ discussion to private or at least check first to see if everyone around is up to date!

As always, we encourage people to organize blind runs within the FC to experience content from a completely fresh point of view! It’s a lot of fun! But if you run with people who are new to a duty, FC member or stranger, after you’ve completed it, be sure to give them some time to learn.

Also, please make sure that you take your chocobo from the stable once it’s experienced-capped so that you can level it up. We have a lot of those right now! If you need an onion for ranks 10+, just ask an officer and we can provide one for free.


Our first Discord-based (third overall) game of Cry Wolf concluded yesterday! For the first time, the Sheep won the game! It was even a landslide victory in which they voted all four Wolves out in a row. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, I had fun Shepherding for you all and hope we get to play again soon. If you have any suggestions on how to run things better for the next game, be sure to send them my way.


The Overwatch tournament has kicked off! We’ll be playing 4v4 Deathmatch between four teams in a round robin format. Please give your well wishes to our teams: Healing Brigade, Light Party, LunarBuneriFuckers, and Qween Moonbunny and her Thrussycats. Only one match has taken place so far, so if you want to tune into the other five, you’re welcome to join in as a spectator when we run them or catch them on Twitch, as we’ll be trying to get all of them streamed!