Newsletter — February 1, 2018



The past two weeks have brought us plenty of new faces! Get ready for quite a list…

Welcome to Thundergod Neomagnus (partner of Lunabelle), Massacari Ghostwalker and Kialine Black (friends of Lith), the friends Valiant Morrighan and Special Banana (who reignited the “pineapple on pizza” debate), Power Cable (been good having you in discord~), Lucina Nox (who apparently likes to be bullied), Baby Taru (so smol and cute ♥), and Sylvonas Windrunner (friend of Okabe). I’d also like to welcome back one of Spectrum’s oldest members (like seriously, this guy taught DR how to craft back when he started!), Granny Slayer. If you see any of these guys around, give them a hello and welcome.

And to the new members: If you have any questions, need help with something, or anything else, feel free to contact an officer or regular member! You are now part of our family and we want to make you as comfortable as possible. ♥

Due to the steady stream of new members we’ve had lately, we’ll be closing our applications until the 15th. I’d like for us all to focus on getting to know our newest additions and for them not to feel lost in a flood of fellow newbies!


We’re introducing a new regular contest this month! It’s called Mystery Pic, and it’s exactly that: a mysterious image whose source you must find! Anyone who played Neopets back in the day (is my age showing?) might recognize this one, and the concept in is the same. I select an item from FFXIV, take a very small section from it, and size it up. Here’s an example:


Your goal is to find the item it’s been taken from and submit the answer before anyone else! You can do so through the website (using the form on the Mystery Pic page) or by contacting Lunar privately in-game or on Discord. The winner will receive a gil prize.

The Mystery Pic will run until someone wins, with the prize increasing if it remains unsolved for a longer period of time. A new Pic will be posted on the following newsletter date. (In other words, if it’s solved on the 3rd, a new one will be posted on the 15th.)

Our first Mystery Pic is…


You can view it anytime, reread the info and rules, or submit your answer over at the Mystery Pic page that now appears in the menu.


January’s screenshot contest is over, and our winner is Luxadin Carwyn! She will be receiving a White Whittret minion. Here is her decidedly Peaceful screenshot:


Lovely, and perfectly suited to the theme. Thank you for all of your submissions, guys, it’s always fun to see the given theme captured in different ways!

From now on, we’ll be changing up the way we handle the screenshot contest. (I’m sorry to keep changing things, this should be the last time!) We’re going back to private submissions (either sending them to Lunar in-game or on Discord or submitting them through the Screenshot Contest page), and screenshots will now be listed anonymously for voting. Voting itself will no longer be anonymous (you’re welcome to vote for yourself if you’d like, though, no judgments here) to ensure there are no double votes.

And yes, a page dedicated to the screenshot contest has been added to the menu above! Anytime you want to double check the theme or see my awesome example screenshot, you can check it out.

Now on to the new contest: For the month of February, the theme is Darkness. However you choose to interpret the theme is up to you. Follow the options outlined above to submit your screenshot. The prize for this month is the Byakko Cub minion!


The votes are in, and our member of the month for February 2018 is Broods Miyuki! Congrats to #1 Dad and Coach and Super Amazing Casual Raid Leader! Thank you for being a positive constant in our community, we appreciate you!

His interview will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any remarks about him that you would like included at the end as per usual, please drop them in my mog mail or through Discord.

This means that we’re now accepting nominations for March! You can submit them anonymously here:



A new raid tier can only mean one thing… new loot! We all know the pain of trying to farm up your weekly normal mode loot. That one shaft that eludes you? Worry not! I’ll be hosting a weekly Sigmascape NM loot farm so that people can quickly and easily get their loot squared away.

This farm will be held on Friday nights! The official time will be set soon and will be confirmed in #notices and the next newsletter, but for this first week coming up, we’ll be starting at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific.


In celebration of Valentione’s Day, we’re hosting our own little event! On Sunday, February 11th, we’re opening a pop-up cafe! Café Color, which will be located in the bottom floor of the FC house, will be opening its doors at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. Come get a sweet snack from our colorful maids and butlers! All FC members are welcome to attend and invite their friends (FC or not) to tag along as well.

While we’re serving up some love, we’ll also be hosting a few activities. There will be a few giveaways throughout the night, and one hour after the opening, we’ll be holding an auction. The goods this time? Our very own FC members! Volunteers will be put up for auction (some may be present, some may not), and the winning bidder is granted a period of time with them to hang out however the two agree to do so. Book some time with a good friend for fun, or take the opportunity to become better friends with someone you find cool!

Details of the cafe, the giveaways, the auctions, and those being put up for auction will be posted early next week. Keep an eye out for it!


Our gazelleskin map night this time around will be held on Saturday, February 17th! It will start in the evening, probably around 7pm or 8pm Pacific (that’s 10pm to 11pm Eastern) as it usually does. Arenval Zygra invites anyone to join, both seasoned Canal Raiders and those who have never done maps before! It’s a load of fun, and the new patch has added plenty of new items to acquire in Uznair. As always, those without access to a map of their own will be provided one so that they too can have the chance to be at the mercy of RNG!


Movie night this time around will be on Sunday, February 4th! We’ll be watching Nightcrawler at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. Hope to see you there!


Lucy Greene will soon begin hosting extreme primal farm groups! He aims to get people mounts and other loot, probably starting with the ARR primal set and moving forward. These farms will probably be held on either Fridays or Sundays and will be once every other week. He’s still sorting out the details, so if you are interested, please shoot him a message to let him know that you are and which day would work best for you!


This was stated in the previous newsletter, but since the patch just dropped, I would like to reiterate: Please don’t share FFXIV spoilers in FC chat channels, including Discord! I’ve got my eye on you guys~

Since people seem unsure a lot of the time, I also want to reinforce that the items in the company chest are for everyone to partake in. As long as you’re not taking it to sell for personal profit, grab the things that you want! We supply chocobo food and snacks, so train and color your chocobo to your heart’s content. We can easily resupply them, so don’t worry about it if you take a handful. There are also glamour prisms for everyone to grab as needed. Ruri has also been very generous in throwing a lot of his extra materia and general-purpose dyes into the chest, so please help yourself to those, especially with all of this new patch gear to dye and meld! Any orchestrion rolls, minions, and mounts thrown in there are also up for grabs. If you see ones you don’t have, add them to your collection.

Also, please make sure that you take your chocobo from the stable once it’s experienced-capped so that you can level it up. We have a lot of those right now! If you need an onion for ranks 10+, just ask an officer and we can provide one for free.


There have been a few adjustments to the website and FC regulations of which I would like to notify everyone.

First, as stated previously in the newsletter, pages have been added for the Screenshot Contest and the Mystery Pic. The menu has been reorganized slightly to reflect this.

Second, a small addendum has been made to the code of conduct: please avoid excessive spam in FC chat, including chains of text macros. They’re funny, of course, but when everyone starts using them at once, it shuts out regular conversation. So please avoid overusage, or we may have to ask you to take it to another chat or queue up for a 24-man raid!

Third, the activity requirements have been adjusted and better defined. Ash Gray members will still be removed after 15 days of inactivity, but Dalamud Red and higher are now allowed up to 100 days of inactivity before they are subject to removal. Snow White (hiatus rank) members are allowed 200 days, which may be extended if they update us on their hiatus status. I’ve also clarified that alts, while allowed in the FC, are subject to the same activity requirements as regular characters.


Broods Miyuki is recruiting for his super amazing casual static. They have changed their raid night to Thursday at 8:30pm to 10:30pm Central time. (That’s 9:30 to 11:30 Eastern and 6:30 to 8:30 Pacific.) Currently their group has a tank (PLD), a healer (SCH), and two DPS (a BRD and a RDM/DRG). If you’re interested and can fill the gaps left in their composition, shoot Broods a message on Discord (Broods#2939) or in-game. They are a lot of fun to run with, so if you want to experience Sigma Savage on a relaxed schedule, give it a go!


The FC trip dates and locations have been decided! We’ll be staying near Anaheim for July 25th – 29th. We’ve booked a lovely house that sleeps a lot of people, so if you decide later on that you want to attend, please ping me and see if there’s still room for you. Chances are there will be! The price of accommodation for all four nights should be less than $200 per person, so it’s a pretty good deal, and there will be stupid amounts of fun to be had!


Our Overwatch tournament wrapped up earlier in the month with great success! It was a short tournament but we were able to get people involved and had a good time playing. Congrats to everyone, but particularly to LunarBuneri Fuckers for coming out on top! Qween Moonbunny and Her Thrussycats were a very, very close second. Let’s do it again sometime!