Newsletter — March 1, 2018



As usual, I’d like to start out with welcomes! Welcome to March, of course, but more importantly, welcome to the new members we’ve accrued over the past couple of weeks!

These people are: Ashina Teak (congrats on winning the housing race!), Has Elbow (obviously a subject of FC king Has Boob), Maesli Rae (long-lost sister of Mina and returning player), Tora Jiro, Daryl Caleigh (main character of Ethan, so not completely new but still welcome), Felipe Alma (another returning player with a great sense of humor), Conqueror Dusk (previous raid friend of the FC), and Ydoy Airya (relatively new player joining us from Ultros). Welcome to Spectrum!

If you guys need any help at all, hit up one of the senior members. We’re here for you!


March voting has come to the close, and once the dust has settled, our member of the month is Charlotte Sometimes! Congratulations to our FC’s resident washing apparatus and glamour/interior decorating expert. Thanks for all that you contribute to the FC, Spectrum wouldn’t be the same without you!

Her interview will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any remarks about her that you would like included at the end as per usual, please drop them in my mog mail or through Discord.

This means that we’re now accepting nominations for April! You can submit them anonymously here:



What a good screenshot contest this month! The voting was pretty close overall, and in the end, we even had a tie! This month we’ll be crowning two winners: Skref Skogarfjall and Foster Arcturus. Each took a different approach to the theme, but both do a great job of conveying Darkness! See the winning screenshots below:

2017-01-24_8 oMVNvO0

Both will receive a Byakko Cub minion. Congratulations, Skref and Foster! To everyone who entered this month, thanks for your submissions!

Our theme for March will be Weather. This one is pretty straightforward, but different and fun interpretations are always delightful! As with the previous month, you should submit your entry to me (Lunar Heaven) privately via Discord, mog mail, or through the Screenshot Contest page. The prize for this month will be a Private Moai minion.


The mystery pic remains at large. Since a month has passed, the reward for a correct guess has been increased to 1,000,000 gil. Since this is still the first round and we’re in the progress of feeling out the level of interest and difficulty, I may consider dropping a hint if it goes unsolved for too long. Still, I welcome you all to take a shot at guessing the item! You can see the mystery pic below.


You can find all of the info on the Mystery Pic page via the site menu. To submit your guess, simply fill out the form on that page or privately message it to Lunar Heaven.


Lucy Greene will be hosting a bird farming party on Saturday the 3rd! This party will start at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. This is a good opportunity to acquire some of those Heavensward primal mounts in an easy unsynced party! For more details and to request a spot to be saved, please message Lucy.


On Friday the 9th, Lucy will also be hosting a Byakko EX farm party! This one will start at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. If you’re looking to farm up some high ilvl weapons for your alts or just hunt for that elusive dog, feel free to join! If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Lucy. Since it is a farm party, please be familiar with the fight. As always, if you need help organizing a clear beforehand, contact an officer so that we may schedule some help.


On Sunday the 11th, I will be hosting a learning party for O5S. If you are looking to tackle Savage content in 4.2 for the first time or just want to learn the fight on an alt, I encourage you to tag along. Experienced help is also welcome to fill in any extra spots! Since this is a Savage fight, I suggest looking up a basic idea of the mechanics beforehand, as well as making sure that your item level is near or at the requirement of 340. Let’s kill a train!


Our gazelleskin map night this time around will be held on Saturday, March 24th! It will start in the evening, probably around 7pm or 8pm Pacific (that’s 10pm to 11pm Eastern) as it usually does. Arenval Zygra invites anyone to join, both seasoned Canal Raiders and those who have never done maps before! It’s a load of fun, and the new patch has added plenty of new items to acquire in Uznair. As always, those without access to a map of their own will be provided one so that they too can have the chance to be at the mercy of RNG!


Movie night will be on Saturday the 10th this time, starting at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific! We’ll be watching the live action Fullmetal Alchemist movie that recently appeared on Netflix, as is our tradition of watching potentially questionable adaptions of anime. Join us for what is sure to be a good time!


This is less of an official announcement and more of a “you requested it, so it’s happening soon” notice. But yes, we’ll be having a second round of the interior decorating contest soon! The exact format has not yet been decided, but we are open to suggestions for the contest procedure itself and the prizes. So shoot those my way if you have any! Please look forward to it.