Newsletter — March 15, 2018



As usual, I’d like to start out with welcomes! We’ve had a healthy handful of people joining up this period, so let’s recognize these friendly, new faces!

These people are: Levarriah Stormshadow, Ultima Weed, Lucifer Angelus, Neo Chomik, Canadian Goose, Rin Setsuna, Bobalicious Divine, Angel Misaki, Kei Takemi, Japonica Fox, Tecc Nine, Kye Nu, Ven Kumo, and Anima Vesta. Whew, that’s a lot! Welcome to Spectrum, all of you. ♥

If you guys need any help at all, hit up one of the senior members. We’re here for you!

As an important notice, we’ll be locking down recruitment again until further notice. So we won’t be accepting new members outside of those referred by current members. There’s no set date that we’ll be reopening them. It could be anywhere between April 1st and May 1st, depending on how we choose to approach the following subject.

Given how often do this, the officers are currently discussing a schedule for opening and closing recruitment. We keep a close eye on the rate that new members come into the FC and are committed to keeping Spectrum a comfy place where people don’t just feel like a number or lost in a sea of similarly new people when they join. Currently we’re looking at either two-week periods or one-month periods of opened and closed recruitment. We will, of course, communicate with you guys here on the site once we’ve made a final decision!


Nominations for the April MotM have been closed! Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts. As always, you can throw in your vote and your optional reasoning at the link below.


Ash’s interview will be posted tomorrow, look forward to it!


This is normally where we would stop accepting submissions and open voting, but there were no submissions this month! Due to a lack of participation, we’re going to go back to the drawing board and figure out a more appealing monthly contest. Hopefully we’ll have something decided for the 1st!


The mystery pic remains at large. Since quite some time has passed, the reward for a correct guess has been increased to 1,500,000 gil. I’ll offering the following hint: It’s primal-related. Once this one is solved, future mystery pics will be made easier (larger cutouts not blown up as drastically) since the current difficulty level seems a bit high.


You can find all of the info on the Mystery Pic page via the site menu. To submit your guess, simply fill out the form on that page or privately message it to Lunar Heaven.


Lucy Greene will be hosting a Susano/Lakshmi dog farming party on Saturday the 17th! This party will start at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. The primal will be decided once the party is formed. For more details and to request a spot to be saved, please message Lucy.


On Friday the 30th, I will be hosting a learning party for O6S. Our O5S learning party went exceptionally well last time, and we were able to get a clear for four people, so I’d like to move on to teaching this fight. Those who haven’t yet tried it as well as those looking for their first-time clear are encouraged to join. Experienced help is also welcome to fill in any extra spots! Just be sure to get your O5S clear for the week before this party, since entering O6S will null the opportunity to pick up your O5S weekly loot or page. Also, since this is a Savage fight, I suggest looking up a basic idea of the mechanics beforehand, as well as making sure that your item level is near or at the requirement of 340.


I bring you a message directly from Miondil Sivylaeri about a new event he’s trying to plan! From the awesome dude who brings you map nights every month:

“Hello members of Spectrum! I’d like to announce to you all that we are looking to have an all FC 24 Raid night for the ARR Raid, Crystal Tower. Right now we are just doing an interest check to see if enough people would be willing to commit to the event. It probably won’t happen until May/June depending on how fast people reply and if we can find a day for everyone to be able to participate. This event will be open to those that have already completed the raid or are interested in learning the dungeons to be able to experience it with your friends in Spectrum. Sign up if you are interested in participating and look forward to an update!”

If you’re interested in making this happen, please drop your name on the form below!

24-Man Raid Interest Check


Kumo Kumah is hosting a trivia night on Friday the 23rd! The event is currently scheduled to start at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific (he hopes to keep it under an hour, but you know how we are) and will take place over Discord. The range of questions is “anything goes,” so be ready for, well… anything! This will be a team-based event, so those who wish to participate are welcome to divide themselves into teams of up to four people. If you’re not sure who to team up with, or if your team isn’t filled out to four and you’d like it to be, please contact Kumo. He’ll do his best to make sure that teams are squared away.


Movie night will be on Saturday the 24th this time, starting at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific! We’ll be watching Drag Me to Hell this time around. Join us for fun times!