Member of the Month — March 2018 — Charlotte Sometimes

4Q: How long have you been playing Final Fantasy XIV? How did you get into it?

Since September 2013! (I’ve been playing this game way too long)

Honestly it was kind of an accident how I got into this. Me and my irl best friend at the time had gone out drinking and afterwards we decided to go for a 3am walmart run! (Cause, let’s be honest, those are always fun.) We were walking around the game section and saw it and decided we needed to play it. Sadly the game took forever and a day to download on PS3 (YES I WAS A PS3 PLAYER) and we passed out before it could finish T_T

Q: What do you consider your main job? What do you enjoy about it?

BOOK BANGER FOR LIFE! Of the Summoner variety, screw Scholar. D: What’s not to enjoy? We summon the calamity bringer himself after 2 minutes and 463762335562 button presses later. Best. Class. Ever.

Jokes aside I really enjoy the complexity of the job. I like that it has a lot of things to pay attention to and instead of a rotation we have more of a priority system.

Also I fucking love carbuncles. NOW GIVE US MORE COLORS SE.

Q: What are your usual FFXIV activities?

Glaming, stalking houses, jumping around…you know…the important stuff.

Q: What’s one activity you’ve wanted to get into on FFXIV but haven’t been able to yet?

This might be a shock, but I would really like to learn to tank one day. It gives me anxiety, but it’s honestly the one thing in the game I have avoided for way too long.

Q: What are your current in-game goals? Both short- and long-term.

Short term is finish leveling my crafters. I put that on the back burner when i started working again and have just been putting that shit off. I miss being able to make my own stuff whenever I want. I hate bothering friends to make me things and for melds T_T

Long term I really want to become a better smn. Like top tier. Lots of practice and studying for it, but maybe one day 😀

Q: Favorite boss fight, and why? Least favorite, and why?

Even though I didn’t get to do it when it was super relevant, I LOVE t13. It was about as epic as a fight could be. Still regret being on a break for most of 2nd coil and all of final. T_T

Least favorite is EASILY A1s. Not so much cause of the fight itself, but i was in such a bad group at the time that it just reminds me of that >_>

Q: Share with us your fondest FFXIV memory!

You ready for this cheese?

It would be meeting Dan. (my long time boyfriend for those of you who don’t know) I joined this FC on my old server around the time i was having a hard time finding parties for titan HM to get my relic. (throw back times!) He was in the party when we beat it and i think i asked him if he could make me some vanya stuff when we were done (he was the FCs go to crafter at the time). From there we got to talking and here we are almost 4 years later! Defiantly not what i ever expected from playing a game, but I couldn’t be happier that it did happen. Also pretty much ensures I will remember 14 for a long time to come.


Q: What’s your biggest pet peeve in-game?

Oh god….does anyone really have that kind of time?

I guess it would be people who think they are better than anyone just cause they have done xy&z. Yes some people are terrible at the game and i will bitch about them, but I will never belittle them about it. (Unless you are an asshole….but even then you have to be a grade A asshole for me to want to bother to tell you off.) People play games to have fun, just cause you did something someone has not doesn’t mean you are better then them or need to deny them that fun.

Q: What’s your favorite zone and why?


I might have to say Churning Mists. (Though Corthas Western Highlands comes in a very close second!) I really love everything about the zone. It has moogles, dragons, and a super pretty sky. Zenith is also super pretty and don’t get me started in the music *_*


Charlotte Sometimes is the name of my favorite song! It’s by The Cure (shocking: they are my favoite band), feel free to listen to it if early 80s goth rock is your thing! So no, I am not only Charlotte sometimes. It is actually the name of a kick ass song. :smile:

Q: Yoshi-P comes to you and asks you to pick the jobs for the next expansion. What do you choose?

Though it would ruin the holy trinity….I WANT A REAL TIME MAGE. But that would involve adding a support role. I can dream though.

I would also like to see a chemist healer, but that might just be me wanting to see a heal animation that is your character throwing vials at party members.


Q: Tell us about your history as a gamer!

Honestly i grew up with games being all over. I remember watching my mom play the original DOOM on MS-DOS (am I showing my age?) and being scared shitless. Aside from that we also had a NES in the house which I lived on once i got a little older. From there I got a sega genesis, to a playstation. Stuck with playstations till this past year when i got my first gaming PC! As a child who was always stuck home cause I was sick, books and games were a really big part of growing up for me XD

Q: What’s your favorite game of all time? Why?

The Mass Effect trilogy. (ok not so much 1 game, but you get the idea) I don’t think I have ever been so invested in a games story before or after that. Yeah it wasn’t perfect, but it was still a great experience. The final DLC that was basically a love letter to the fans was also one of the best things ever.

Q: Have you played other Final Fantasy titles before XIV? What’s your favorite FF?

I’m pretty sure i have played all the numbered titles in some form. (No Kenny, I still haven’t finished 15)

Final Fantasy 9 will forever be my favorite. I may be a little biased due to it being my first one, but it was SO GOOD.

Q: Any games you’ve been wanting to play lately?

*glances at ps4 backlog* *glaces on backlog on harddrive*


Q: What’s the worst game you’ve ever played?

Resident Evil. The game may not have been bad, but my little self hated it with every fiber of my being. I learned from that I cannot deal with jump scares at all.

Q: What’s your proudest gaming moment/achievement?

I reached level 100 of Bubble Bobble!

….Ok that sounds really stupid but when I was a kid i was so proud of myself. Sadly i never got to see the ending you get when you finish with 2 players cause well….i played by myself XD


Q: What’s your current occupation?

I’m not inclined to call this an occupation…..but they give me money for making coffee. Yup, I’m a barista.

It has made me a caffeine addict and have a strong hate for most of the human race. (People are really stupid.) At least I am able to entertain you guys with my stories though 😀

Q: Any family? Pets?

When I am in the US I live with my mom and my aunt.

When I am in Canada I live with Dan.

I’ll let you guess which one I prefer.

For pets I have the cutest wiener dog named Max (he sometimes makes an appearance on discord as loud background noise) and 3 adorable ratties! Tera, Minerva, & Pax.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of playing games?

I really enjoy music in all forms. I love going to shows, festivals, theater, even just listening to it. I blame it on the fact that I wasn’t blessed with any talent for it so I made it my business to surround myself with it otherwise.

Cooking is also a passion of mine! The look of people enjoying food you made never gets old. I also need to get back in touch with my artistic side.

I used to always be drawing, painting, and writing. Sadly i let that fall by the wayside with the stresses of growing up, but I think it’s about time to fix that.

Q: What’s your favorite food? Least favorite?

Mexican > Italian > Japanese (I will pretty much never say no to any of these.)

Garlic will kill me…so can we just say that is my least favorite?

Q: What websites do you frequent?

Does amazon count? I really like online shopping >_>

Q: What do you believe your personal strengths are?

I am a very blunt person. While this doesn’t win me any popularity contests, it does mean you can’t deny I told you anything but the truth. I don’t believe in dancing around a subject I’d rather just tell you how it is flat out or just not say anything at all.

I also have been told i’m a good person to talk to, mostly cause I think i let other people talk. I let people go on rants/raves without interrupting or saying anything. Sometimes all someone needs is for someone else to shut the fuck up.

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Honestly what most people consider guilty pleasures I am pretty opened about O.O

You all know i love unicorns, the care bears, the color pink, and lady gaga right?

Q: What do you hope for in your personal future?

Finally getting my damn PR in canada and moving there 100%. Being in life limbo sucks.

Q: Tell us a fact about you that we probably don’t know.

I can fit my fist in my mouth.


Q: How did you come to join Spectrum?

Welp my old FCs house was next to Dr’s personal so I would constantly bother him while he was crafting at the MB. We became friendly and one day we got on the random subject of raids. I was between groups at the time (and ready to give up) and his group needed a caster. Once I was accepted and realized i really enjoyed the group is seemed logical to join the fc since all members were in it.

Q: How long have you been a member?

Oh god i think 2 years this summer?

Q: What’s your favorite FC activity?

Toss up between map nights and farm nights. They are both enjoyable cause I really like getting into something with people and just messing around and having fun. Both activities are just amplified a bunch when you have a fun and relaxed environment to do them in. It also lets me talk to people that i usually wouldn’t otherwise!

Q: What would you like to see in the FC in the future?

I really like the in game events. (like the Christmas gift giving and Valentines cafe.) Sadly I never get to participate in them, but they seem super fun!

Q: What makes you proud to be a member of Spectrum?

Honestly the fact that we have a decent group of people. Everyone gets along fairly well and it’s rare to find anyone not willing to help out if they can.

Q: Any shout-outs?

First and foremost to my raid team! You were my first encounter with the FC and since have become some of my closets friends. Even though it is a group meant for clearing content, we share many other things. I thank you for being like my little online family.

To Alisane for being around since the dark times of URW. Over all this time I am super glad we have gotten so close.

To Dr for letting me bother him so much when we first met and introducing me to this crazy little fc! Also for helping me with all my crafting needs T_T I would be lost without you.

To Matt for being the best in game husbando and an amazing real life friend. You drive me crazy, but we all need that in our lives.

To Kenny & Brian for reminding me what it would be like to have younger brothers.

To Juno for being my favorite stalker.

And most of all to the whole gang! You are all wonderful! And you nominated me so I guess this means you like me, even if it’s just a little bit. ;p


Q: What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

Supernatural. Cause eye candy and I have watched it since it started, figured I might as well watch this season to see how it ends.

Q: You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Now this is a question for me!

I would name it Annie (after my grandma, which is the whole reason I am obsessed with elephants to begin with.) and take her everywhere. Basically i wouldn’t need a car anymore.

Q: If you could convince everyone in the world to do one thing at one point in time, what would that thing be?

Is stop being stupid an option? Cause I want that.

Q: A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Obviously he says “Dooby dooby doo” and he’s here to have a beer.

Q: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I could say do things like get degrees and learn new crafts…..but i’d prob just play more games.

Q: If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

Useless information \o/ I have so much of that stuff. It would finally be good or something.

Q: If you were dictator of a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?

Cute things everywhere.

Q: What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind so that you could experience for the first time again?

Catcher in the Rye.

I don’t care how much of a staple it is as far as coming of age tales go….it’s amazing and I would love to be exposed to it all over again.

Q: If you had a clock that would countdown to any one event of your choosing, what event would you want it to countdown to?

I mean…i guess the day i die? Would be helpful information.

Q: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Super black. Like black hole black. But with sparkles. And only lets you draw adorable things.


And now for Spectrum’s thoughts on Charlotte…

She may be a washcloth, but she is best washcloth :^)

— Ren Thurston

Always have to support someone that can make coffee and hot cocoa.

— Chevalier Anderstone

Although she SHUN me when I was a suncat for a month, and betrayed me by switching from face 1 aura to face 4, Ash is pretty much like my sister from another mother. She also helped me by crafting manor sofas so I can rest my butt in game. I better vote her before she strangle me. :^)

— Lyra Eirlys

The best in-game waifu a gay (??) man could ask for. Provisioner of all things housing, wise council, and a great pair to the pet-loving classes.

— Kumo Kumah

I feel like, in these turbulent times, representation is as important as ever, which is why I think that Char, a humble washcloth, should be member of the month. The time for washcloth marginalization has come to an end!

— Skref Skogarfjall