Interior Decorating Contest — April 2018


The Premise 

That’s right! Whip out the wallpaper, place those partitions, and lay down the lighting because we’re giving you the opportunity to prove that you can place first when it comes to feng shui.

The contest is open to all members of Spectrum. Entrants will be judged on the design of their apartment or private chambers within the FC house. Only private chambers or apartments will be considered for the contest. As such, if you enter, please ensure that your chamber/apartment are not set to private so that the judges may enter.

Event Duration 

The entry period will run from April 8th to April 29th. At the end of the entry period, the judges will weigh in between April 30th and May 1st. The winners will be announced in the May 1st newsletter!

Entering the Event 

To enter the event, simply fill out the form below or message Lunar Heaven (via mogmail, in-game, or Discord) with the information on this form.

Participants may only enter the contest once. That means either private chambers or apartment. If you have an alt character, you cannot submit a second room for judging, only one.

Once again, please be sure that your room or apartment is unlocked by the time the entry period finishes!

Please note that if gil is an issue but you’re interested in participating, you can contact Lunar for some help with buying a room and/or procuring basic furniture/music.


Our panel of judges will consist of any officers that do not participate, as well as selected players from outside of the FC.

One room will be chosen as the overall favorite, but we will have a few different categories as “honorable mentions”: Coziest Room, Fanciest Room, and Funniest Room.

The judges will view each room in person after the decorating period has ended. They will submit their top picks for each category, and the ones with the most votes will be determined as the winners.

Please note that the judges will not be scoring rooms based on the gil or dollar value of the items in your room. Rather, they are looking at things like a cohesive theme, ambiance, use of space, creativity, and originality. As such, copying full or large parts of room layouts from other people’s houses or rooms is discouraged. If you borrow an idea, please make an effort to make it your own somehow!


All qualified entrants will be awarded a participation prize, regardless of end results:


One Mandragora plushie of your choice!

The owner of the overall favorite room will receive…

3,000,000 gil!

Each honorable mention (Coziest, Fanciest, and Funniest) will receive…

500,000 gil!