Upcoming Changes


As stated in the previous newsletter, I (Lunar Heaven) will be stepping down from my officer position at the end of the month. In order to make running the FC simpler for the remaining officers, we are soon going to be simplifying our ranks and permissions.

Ranks will be condensed into the following: Leader, Officer, Veteran, Member, and Recruit. Rank titles are subject to change. Most of these ranks function the same as previously; the only real difference is that promotion from Recruit to Member and Member to Veteran will depend on activity and engagement with the FC rather than simply time in the free company. Veteran rank will be reserved for people who regularly contribute to the FC in some way.

Permissions will also be condensed. Regular members will have access to most of the regular permissions. Veteran members will have access to most (if not all) of the current Royal Blue permissions. Some things may be adjusted.

The ranks will be reset on October 28th. Everyone will be placed in the new Member role to start out. Once they have the time, the officers will go through and promote those who they feel fit the Veteran rank. Please be patient while they sort through everything.

As for the website, this will be the last update posted here. I’ll be leaving the site active through the end of the year.

There may be other changes that I haven’t noted here, so please keep an eye on the Discord server for any further announcements!

New Friends, New Opportunities


I bring you guys exciting news! Starting today, we are entering into an alliance of similarly-minded FCs, led by the kind people over at «FERAL». I’m sure you guys have questions, so I’m going to address the details here.

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In Memoriam


Last week, the unthinkable happened — we lost a friend, Kazuto Smoke. Over the past few days, both his close friends and those who hardly knew him have come together to support each other in the aftermath of this shocking event. Thank you all for the kindness you’ve shown.

Kazuto’s brother-in-spirit, Lucy Greene, requested to put out one last message in his honor, which I’m sharing with you all below. Read more ›

State of the Spectrum — A Storm of Changes


Yesterday we said our goodbyes to Heavensward, and in the morning we’ll be taking our first steps in Stormblood. There are a lot of exciting changes coming to our FFXIV experience, but that’s not all! We are a free company in a constantly changing game, and as such, I feel it’s important that we strive to constantly evolve as well.

Over the past month, I’ve been putting together various improvements to the FC. I’d like to outline those things, along with a few other notices, here. Read more ›