stripeBeing in a free company offers a lot of perks! In order to keep things organized and fair, we have a few guidelines that we’ve set up for the various facilities related to our FC.

Company Chest

» All members are welcome to take items from the chest as needed. Established players are encouraged to leave useful items in the chest for newer players. However, please do not clutter the chest with items of little value.
» Taking items from the chest with the intention of reselling them for your own profit is strictly prohibited unless you have permission from an officer.
» Gil donations are always accepted and will be put towards things such as FC activities and contests, improving our FC housing, and so forth.
» If you would like an item that you can’t yet access from the chest, ask an officer and they may be able to retrieve it for you.
» The company chest is organized as such:
  Tab One: Chocobo snacks and food, glamour prisms, and various other basic items that are up for grabs.
  Tab Two: Supplies for raiders and various, more valuable items.
  Tab Three: Supplies for managing FC facilities.

Chocobo Stables

» All members are welcome to stable their chocobos. Stabled chocobos will be fed often as long as food is available.
» Chocobo food (for leveling) and snacks (for dyeing) are available in the company chest. Please take only as much as you need, as everyone must share these supplies.
» Thavnairian onions for ranking up to 11 and beyond are available at request. Please ask an officer if you need one!

FC Actions

» At least one FC action to buff EXP gains (battle, crafting, or gathering) will be kept active at all times.
» Cactuar Green and Royal Blue members are welcome to activate a second action from our selection of currently saved actions.
» If you would like to see a certain action active, ask an officer and we can try to get it up as soon as possible.


» Sunset Orange and higher members are welcome to use patches two and three whenever they are available. Patch one is reserved for officer use to grow chocobo food and other supplies.
» All members are encouraged to water the gardens and apply fertilizer (fishmeal) whenever possible.
» Please only harvest items that you have planted unless requested otherwise.
» If you would like to have something in particular grown in our garden but don’t have permissions or are unsure of how to use the garden, ask an officer.

Workshop and Airships

» Honey Yellow and higher members are welcome to use the free company workshop to craft items and access the Diadem.
» Please do not discontinue any in-progress projects at the fabrication station without permission from an officer.
» Mission ceruleum tanks for Diadem voyages are available in the company chest. If there are none available, ask an officer to buy one for you.