stripe3Spectrum’s beginnings can be traced back to the summer of 2013. Ragnarok Online 2 had just been released. Through a series of events, a then-timid man going by the handle of InjuringDeadDr ended up with the reigns of a newly established guild in his hands. Unsure of where to go from there, he recruited some friendly faces to help him run the show. Over the next few months, our guild grew and blossomed into a truly enjoyable social experience that was more akin to family than a bunch of people playing an online game together.

When interest in RO2 waned, part of the group made the jump to Final Fantasy XIV. There, on the Phoenix server, the first incarnation of Spectrum was created on May 12, 2014. We immediately immersed ourselves in all of the things FFXIV had to offer — leveling multiple jobs, crafting and gathering, raiding, and so on! An already tight-knit community became even closer, and we picked up a few new faces along the way.

2In the latter half of 2015, the EU data center was properly moved to Europe. Given that most of Spectrum’s player base was American, the officers made the decision to relocate to an NA data center. Leviathan was chosen, and most of the free company members came along for the ride. We rebuilt quickly, and in the process, strove to improve and expand the FC. Spectrum had become a place where people felt they belonged and could be themselves among friendly faces, and we wanted to share that feeling with as many people as possible.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed a slow but steady growth. We formed multiple FC raid teams, held a ton of events and contests, organized two IRL meet-ups (with our third in the works!), and had hours upon hours of laughs together. Spectrum has had its struggles in the past, but given all of the fun we’ve had and love we’ve shared, we wouldn’t change a thing!