Mystery Pic

stripeThe current Mystery Pic is…


Current Prize: 1,000,000 gil

What is Mystery Pic?

This is a regular contest held for FC members! The mystery pic is always a tiny section of an existing item image in FFXIV, blown up to 200×200 pixels. The goal is to find the name of the image it’s from and submit it. The first person to submit the correct item name wins! Here’s an example of a mystery pic and how it was taken from the original item image:


The item in this case is the Ala Mhigan Tunic of Scouting. Once you think you know the answer, you would simply use the form above to submit your name and guess. Guesses can also be submitted to me privately at Lunar Heaven in-game or lunar#0134 on Discord.

A mystery pic will last until it’s solved, regardless of how long it takes. The prize will increase if it goes unsolved for over a month. Once the item is correctly identified, the current mystery pic will end. A new one will be started to coincide with the next newsletter. (So if the mystery pic is solved on the 10th, a new one will begin on the 15th.)