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Welcome to April, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! But most of all, welcome to the FC, new members!

Over the course of the month, we picked up a few additions at the reference of our current members! New to the fold are: Sura Akasha, Espa Hatake, Aalos E’clair, Millenia E’clair, Zoey Nether-rose, Sol Arium, Aneira Wind, Luka Wind, Nym Neko, and Nyssa Halha! Also returned is our dear Vivian Peachu, and Huff Puff is the new alt of Flemely L’mel.

Welcome to all of you guys! As always, help is only a shout away.

Our recruitment closure is still in place. We’ve decided that it will go until May 1st! Following that, we’ll be adopting a “one month open, one month closed” schedule for recruitment. That said, we will accept friends of current members at any time, provided that the existing member of the FC is the one making the request.


Those who are active on our FC Discord may have already noticed some changes! It got a pretty substantial overhaul earlier this week.

It may seem like a lot, but the aim was to get more organized. Previously our Discord server was very minimal. It had been created shortly after Discord started to take off and although the app was constantly adding new features, we hadn’t changed much to take advantage of them until now. My hope in spreading things out a bit more is that people will be able to be more selective about choosing which channels they want to pay attention to.

The Discord page on the website will be updated soon to reflect the changes, but for now, I’ll go over things quickly here.

★ Text channels are now categorized into: Spectrum, Social, and FFXIV. We’ve separated bots into their own channels to take that clutter out of conversation and make it easy to mute.

★ Spectrum: #server-info has been added to list out, well, the server information. #welcome has been added to automatically greet new server members and prompt them to identify themselves. This is to prevent people slipping through the cracks and not being given the proper role after joining. The old #notices is now #member-notices. If you’re looking to hold an event, try to get something crafted, group up for content, taking a hiatus, or whatever else, this is your out-of-game place to post about it. Feel free to use it as much as you’d like for getting word out to your fellow members, but, like before, try to keep chit-chat to a minimum. We’ve split the old #notices into that and #announcements, which is a new channel for officer-only use. FC site updates, officer-run events, and other important notices will go here. You can also ask an officer to advertise your own event/recruitment here if you’d like.

★ Social: #general is the old #spectrum channel renamed. It’s just general chat! #shitposting is for all of those shitty memes we love so much. #voice-chat is for text replies to voice chat, as well as links and images referenced in voice comms. This is to reduce the amount of one-sided conversation and random images in regular chat channels! #pokecord is a new bot that allows you to catch Pokemon and stuff. I highly suggest muting this channel if you haven’t already, it’s been seeing a lot of traffic.

★ FFXIV: #resources is for linking guides, maps, and other useful stuff. #screenshots is for sharing screenshots. I hope to start drawing from this channel for site images, so if you share your screenshots there they might show up here at some point! #kupo-bot is newly added for using the Kupo Bot. #lodestone automatically posts links to updates on the Lodestone.

Once again, it seems like a lot, and it may take some time to get used to! The officers will be working on making sure that people post in the correct place. Please enjoy our new and improved Discord! If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.


April’s voting period is done, and our member of the month emerges! Congratulations to Lalah Kaatapoh! Thank you for always being so sweet and willing to help your fellow members!

Her interview will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any remarks about her that you would like included at the end as per usual, please drop them in my mog mail or through Discord.

I would like to note that while Lalah didn’t meet the nomination requirements due to rank, I failed to realize until after it had gone to voting. Since she did achieve Honey Yellow before the end of voting, I’m honoring it! In the future I will be more mindful, but I also would like to remind everyone that nominees must be of Honey Yellow or higher at the time of nomination, cannot be a previous MotM, and cannot be a current FC officer or leader. Nominations that don’t meet the requirements will be discarded before voting!

For the month of May, we’ll be doing something slightly different. We won’t be doing the usual nomination and voting procedure! Since it’s our fourth birthday on May 12th, we’ll be throwing out a lot of fun events! In place of the usual interview, I’ll be posting interviews with the FC officers who haven’t been MotM already. Look forward to getting to know the people who work behind the scenes!


Everyone put your hands up for Kumo Kumah, who solved the mystery pic and released us from this hellish limbo! He correctly identified this image as the Hive Barding:


Which means that we’re moving on to a new round! I’ve tried making it easier this time around. It may take a couple more rounds to nail the difficulty I’d like to achieve, so bear with me! Our new mystery pic is…


The prize resets at 500,000 gil! You can find all of the info on the Mystery Pic page via the site menu. To submit your guess, simply fill out the form on that page or privately message it to Lunar Heaven.





This time we’re taking a step back to help those who haven’t cleared the old raids! I’ll be hosting a couple of nights where we’ll run through Alex normal mode and Omega normal mode, so if you have yet to clear those, come along! Help is also welcome, come get those first time bonus tomestones! The two nights we’ll be doing this are Friday the 6th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific and Saturday the 14th at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific.



Foster Arcturus will be hosting anime night on Saturday the 8th! Everyone is invited to join in watching the film Summer Wars at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Join us in this weeby occasion, it’s gonna be a good time!


Movie night will be on Friday the 13th this time, starting at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific! We’ll be watching Atomic Blonde this time around. (I did consider watching Friday the 13th for the date double whammy, but we just watched a scary movie!!)


I’m hosting a game night on Sunday the 15th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. We’ll probably play a couple of different games, but the options are looking to be things like Cards Against Humanity, the Pictionary game, or Quiplash. If you have any other suggestions, send them my way. Come hang out on Discord and have a laugh with us!

FC TRIP 2018 —

As previously mentioned, we’re holding an FC vacation! Our last two were a ton of fun, so this one is sure to be as well!

We’re going to be going to California this time and staying July 25 – 29. We’ve already booked a place to stay in the Los Angeles area (it’s near Anaheim) and are currently filling up our trip roster. The house we’re renting can sleep 16 people, but we’re currently only at 10-11 people going for sure. So there’s definitely room if you are interested!

If you’re curious about what we’ll be doing on the trip, our past trips have contained great activities such as almost dying while trying to climb a mountain in the rain, testing smoke alarms by cooking, and paying $8 for a bag of Doritos. (But in all seriousness, we’re probably going to be seeing the sights, playing board games, and eating.)

Those interested in going can message me in-game (Lunar Heaven) or on Discord (lunar#0512) for more details. We’d love to see you there!


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