Officer Charter

In Spectrum, the officers are meant to be the invisible force keeping things running smoothly, as well as the glue that builds and keeps the community together. We don’t make use of heavy-handed leadership or authority — rather, our role is to work behind the scenes to maintain a well-run FC and inclusive community. We operate off of love of FFXIV and our free company, not motivation from being in charge.

To maintain this philosophy, we have a few requirements, guidelines, and procedures set up that all officers must abide by.

Requirements & Code of Conduct —

» All officers MUST be actively logging and consistently subbing players. If an officer fails to log in for 15 days or more, they will be demoted to royal blue until they are playing actively again, when they can be considered for restoration of their rank after 15 days of consistent activity.

» All officers, regardless of role, are expected to also be active in FC chat when possible, answer questions from members, and participate in officer/FC discussions.

» Disputes among FC members are expected to be handled maturely, civilly, and with a cool head. We are meant to mediate situations that can’t be solved on their own, so always look at both sides equally and be cautious to take anything besides screenshots and outside accounts as truth.

» An officer should never use their position to take advantage of FC members, to get an edge over others, or to take FC resources for your personal benefit without permission. Being an officer does not entitle you to any more priority when it comes to FC affairs than any other member.

» When handling any kind of FC affair (be it disputes, events, promotions, etc.), officers are expected to be impartial. We must put our personal feelings for people aside and look at things equally from all perspectives. This means not being biased against those you personally dislike, as well as not favoring your friends.

» Ultimately, officers should strive to foster a sense of community. Our goal is to pay forward to our fellow members what the FC has given to us: a fun group of friends where we can play FFXIV without pressure and be ourselves without worry.

» Officers are, of course, expected to also follow the basic FC code of conduct listed in our charter, as all of our members are. We should behave like model FC members as defined by the code of conduct.

As stated in our list of ranks, we accept new officers if we feel there is room for them and they are believed to meet certain criteria. That being said, all new officers are put through a trial month before being made full-fledged officers.

New Officer Procedure —

Prospective officers are to be voted on by the existing officer base. If a majority of the officers vote for induction, the interested party will be made a trial officer.

The new officer will choose a role and complete it as normal during the first month. At the end of the month, the officers will hold a discussion with the trial officer and vote again based off the first month’s performance. If a majority of the officers vote approval, the trial officer will be made a full-fledged officer. If not, they will be returned to royal blue rank.

If a severe enough infraction of the FC or officer code of conducts happens, a trial officer may be demoted before their first month finishes.

Our officer team is split into two categories, each with different responsibilities: social officers and upkeep officers.

As the names imply, social officers are tasked with reaching out to members, dedicating their time to helping, and hosting events to keep the FC lively; while upkeep officers are in charge of keeping the FC facilities stocked and running smoothly. Whichever role you choose to take on does not restrict you from never doing the other! Social officers are welcome to help with upkeep when possible and vice versa.

Social Officers: Quotas —

In order to be sure that social officers are at least contributing a certain amount to bettering the social atmosphere in the FC, we have set quotas.

Quotas are checked on a monthly basis. If an officer fails to meet the requirement for the month, they are placed on probation for the following four months. Failure to meet the requirement again during probation will result in removal of officer status.

To have an interaction count towards your quota, note it in the officer discord channel (screenshots are accepted, but just saying something like “I helped so-and-so with this dungeon on 7/24” is enough) and include a mention tag for me (@lunar) so that I can find them easily.

Quotas can be met in the following ways:

» Helping an FC member with running content, crafting, or anything else that takes a decent amount of time. This must be performed THREE times to fill your monthly quota. This can be done by either responding to a request in FC chat or other channels, or by asking if anyone needs help with things.

» Organizing an FC activity, including (but not limited to) farms, clear parties, map parties, events, contests, or out-of-game activities. Performing this ONE time fills your monthly quota. Please note that these must be organized beforehand (as in, a set date/time) and notice must be given to members for it to count.

While there currently any other ways to complete the monthly quota, if you’ve done something outside of these things that you feel should count towards it, bring it up in officer chat. We’re always open to suggestions.

Upkeep Officers: Maintenance Tasks —

The upkeep responsibilities around the FC are divided into several different tasks, which are then entrusted to our upkeep officers. This is a list of the tasks and notes about how to perform them.

FC Actions

» Activate two actions daily according to the schedule.
» Keep a small stock of inactivate FC actions for upcoming days.
» Make sure there’s a grade 3 aetherial wheel charging on the stand at all times.

Company Chest

» Keep the follow items stocked in Tab #1: chocobo snacks, chocobo food, glamour prisms.
» Organize the chest by removing junk and crafting faded orchestrion rolls.
» Communicate with the gardener if you’re running out of a grown item.
» Watch the chest history to make sure people are only taking what they need.

Chocobo Stables

» Feed chocobos as often as possible.
» Keep the stables in good condition by using brooms from the company chest.
» Remind active players to level their chocobos if they haven’t in a while.


» Send airships on ventures for useful or requested items.
» Finalize ventures and place items into Tab #3 of the company chest.
» Craft airship repair materials and use them once airship parts reach 0 durability.


» Grow whatever items the FC needs for the chest and activities.
» If those items aren’t needed, grow other useful items or things to sell.
» Plan garden layouts and organize seeds and soils for them.
» Keep gardens tended and fertilized.
» Communicate with other officers about using their gardens when the FC’s are not enough.