NOTICE: Recruitment is closed until the 1st! To be contacted once it reopens, fill out the form below.

Spectrum is a social free company that focuses on creating a comfortable, inclusive environment within and outside of Final Fantasy XIV.  We strive to enrich the in-game experience while building long-lasting friendships. It may sound cheesy, but the gist of it is that we’re friends who love FFXIV seeking new friends who love FFXIV!

We don’t claim to have a specific focus in FFXIV. Our members range from endgame raiders to sprouts, PvP fanatics to crafters and gatherers. What we do shoot for is to do our best in anything we choose to tackle and lend a helping hand to anyone who may need it. Thus, we welcome players of all sorts with open arms. Level and playstyle are not a deciding factor in our recruitment!

Joining the free company is taken as an agreement to follow the rules outlined on this website. All members are held to the standards outlined in our code of conduct and related texts, regardless of rank.

6All new recruits will be trialed for about a week before being accepted as full-fledged members. This is just to ensure that new members are trustworthy and a good fit for our FC.  We reserve the right to remove trial members at any time if they are found to be breaking our rules or creating drama.

We understand that for some people, joining a new FC is a big leap that requires an informed decision. Individuals who are interested in Spectrum but would like to learn more before committing are welcome to contact an officer. We would be happy to speak with you, have you along for in-game content, and talk with you in Discord if you would like to get a feeling for the FC and its members before you make a decision.

If you wish to join Spectrum, please contact an officer (listed on our Contact page), send an application in-game, or fill out the form below so that we may contact you!