Code of Conduct

stripeOur code of conduct exists to make Spectrum a comfortable place for everyone — thus, we are serious about enforcing these rules among our members. We function on a three strikes system. On the first offense, a warning is given. On the second, another warning and a temporary demotion. A third infraction will result in removal from the free company. On occasion, a severe enough offense can result in immediate dismissal, at the discretion of the officers. Members removed from the FC due to breaking our code of conduct, as well as those who leave on bad terms, are subject to moderator approval should they wish to rejoin.

If you witness a member breaking any of these rules, please contact an officer. All complaints will be investigated seriously and carefully.

Above all else, treat your fellow players with politeness and patience. » Disagreements are a given in any community, but we expect all of our members to be capable of handling these matters like adults, without causing drama. Within the free company, that contributes to a mature and relaxed environment. Outside, it helps create a better community and builds a good reputation for our FC. If you ever need assistance to mediate a situation, please contact an officer.

Please respect personal boundaries, especially if another player asks you to do so. » Harassment, stalking, bullying, and any other behavior that makes people feel uncomfortable will not be tolerated. 

Hateful and bigoted attitudes are not welcome here. » This includes discrimination based upon sex, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and so on. While you are entitled to your opinion on any of the above, we are a community that believes strongly in open-mindedness and equality , so please do not wield it as a weapon against your fellow players. This includes throwing around slurs in FC chat channels, serious or not. If asked to stop using certain terms or discussing certain topics in FC chat channels due to making people uncomfortable, please respect your fellow FC members’ wishes.

Do not treat the FC as a collection of your personal servants. » We are not obligated to carry or power-level you or provide you with free items. This applies to both regular members and officers. The officers are there to help and make your time in the FC more enjoyable, but please remember that they have lives and their own goals in-game, so please do not expect them (and/or other members) to be able to drop everything for you at all times.

Do not steal from the FC. » This includes items in the company chest, the company workshop, the gardens, and so on. Please only take what you need from the chest and do not harvest/remove items that others have been working on with the intention of keeping them. Taking items with the intention of selling them for your own profit falls under this as well.

Don’t break the TOS. » Any behavior that would be punishable by a GM is not condoned within the FC. That includes botting, cheating, use of exploits, griefing, harassment and witch-hunting, RMT, and so on.

Please keep the free company chat appropriate and free of spam and FFXIV spoilers. » We reserve the right to ask you to move a conversation to a private channel if we feel the topic is not fit for FC chat. Also, please do not spam FC chat with text macros or other obtrusively long or quickfire text.